Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I'm sorry about the lack of posting going on around here lately. I haven't had time to watch a half-hour sitcom, let alone an entire baseball game, in the last several weeks. Between trying to finish up an internship and being made The Boss at the pizza place, all I've had time for are Girl Scouts, angry customers and employee drama.

In the meantime, apparently the Reds made a decent, last-minute run at the Cardinals, coming up just a few games short. I didn't even realize they'd made up any ground on them until I saw a blip on the bottom of a TV screen that said St. Louis had taken the division. After learning of this themselves, the Reds apparently gave up on trying to play. They let the Pirates walk all over them. The end result of Reds Baseball 2006 was yet another losing season, but much closer to .500 this year (.494). They finished the season in third place, only 3.5 games behind the Cardinals, much higher than the last place predicted for them. Adam Dunn was once again the king of home runs with a nice, even 40, which is 10 times the number of games I attended this year.

The only game I think I saw during the last two weeks of the season happened to contain Griffeys' first at-bat off the toe injury. If he's going to hit game-winning three-run homers every time he comes off an injury I might actually learn to deal with the frequency of them. There's lots more to write about, but I've gotta go be a responsible adult now. Boo.