Sunday, July 31, 2005

Five in a row!?!?!

*Hmm... I keep trying to figure out why our layout has changed on its own, but all I've been successful at doing is screwing it up more. Not good considering Tech Support is about to move to Italy*

Well that was quite a game today. Excellent performance by Milton, though it does make you wonder why he was sucking it up so much until now. I kind of question the decision to take him out after the 7th, he was pitching a shutout game, and there were 7 runs to back him up. Sure maybe he would have given up a run, but Coffey did just that anyway. Stupid pitch counts. Milton definately didn't look happy to be taken out, but he got a nice hug from Freel to try and make him feel better. It was very sweet, though I couldn't tell on the TV whether or not the look on Milton's face was still displeasure over being taken out of the game or that he didn't appreciate the male bonding. In which case I think he should have decked him one. Though Pigpen just got off the DL, so maybe not.
On another note Kearns wasn't playing today after leaving yesterday with a tight hamstring so I hope he isn't headed for the DL. He should be in great shape right now with the success of his "program". Speaking of which Dunn has went from 240 to 275 since he started. Where's his program? Maybe if he was on one he could have hit 40 homeruns already. I have a program for both Dunn and Kearns though. It's called Christina wants you to get a haircut. Wily Mo got with the program, I think he should talk to his friends about it.
The best part of todays game though was that it started well before 10pm. Which means that right now I can go to bed and maybe not want throw my alarm clock across the room at 5am tomorrow. Though I'm pretty sure the day I'm happy to get up at 5am is the day the Reds percentage hits 1.00.


GRAND SLAM!!! GRAND SLAM!!! I heart Dunn soooo much. And to be honest, I'm definately not hating Milton right now. Oh if we only could have played like this the first half of the season...

Stupid west coast games

Well, for the second evening in a row I have fallen asleep on the couch halfway through a Reds game. (hey, in my defense I've been getting up at 5ish for work all week) I also need to ask Jacci why her last post referred to "watching" the game on Gameday, when it was on TV (to which she shall respond "Living with the parents on school breaks makes it very difficult to get any of her own TV time"). Though gameday does add that extra suspense. The good part is that I've woken up both times to a win, however I've missed some of the best parts, so you won't get to read my captivating game wraps. Like on a homerun hit by Valentin that was longer than Dunn's?! Really? Go Valentin. Though I must say no one could give a speech quite like Dunn's about getting Encarnacion's homerun ball back. I love Dunn, so I say this in the nicest way possible, but, well, it's a good thing that man can play sports.
The Reds setting the longest winning streak of the season well they're on the road is nice, almost lets one forget about how painful watching road games has been the rest of this season. Almost. It wasn't much fun to have to see Randa in a Padres uniform though, so it will be nice when this road trip is over. But first there is a series to sweep :) GO REDS!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

DO IT!!!!!!

Two outs, bases loaded, Kearns at the plate, full count.


Damnable Gameday is just too slow.

Well, it wasn't a grand slam, but they walked him. One more for the good guys! Why is Freel running for Kearns? Oh well, he's speedy.

Ooooh, and now the big man, Javier Valentin, strides up to the plate. Is he still on fire? Did the inferno spread to California? We soon shall know.

It's a two-run single! Still not a grand slam, but now the score is 5 to 1 and the Padres' coach is paying a little visit to his pitcher because he is shakin' in his boots. Well there's a no nonsense mound visit. You's outta here.

The future will bring a conclusion to this exciting game. I just can't stay up to wait for it.


Thursday, July 28, 2005


Dodgers lose again! 6 to 1. GO REDS! We may have only split the series, but that's fine by me. Didn't lose it, didn't get swept, it's almost like winning. It just took the guys a few days to get used to California. And what's this I see? The Reds' post All-Star break record is 9 for 14? Why, that's above .500. It's incredible! Keep it up Reds!

Today, not to be outshone by the ever impressive Javier Valentin, Jason LaRue got himself two homeruns. Whatever shall come of this competition? It's a right old fashioned brawl, minus the bar stools, pool sticks, six shooters and punching.

As far as we know, anyway.

Take That, Dodgers!

Hahaha! Beat the Dodgers. Knew it had to happen sometime! Freel has returned to top base stealing form. He now holds the Reds record for most stolen bases in one game. That record is 5. 5 stolen bases and 2 runs for Mr. Ryan Freel last night. Good ol' Pigpen. I'll bet he had dirt inside his ears after last night.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This doesn't look like it's worth staying up for

Kearns just got Casey and himself out ending the inning with Casey's signature move. If you're gonna teach that to someone how about one of the Dodgers? It would be nice if they didn't get swept this series, I was just starting to think we at least had a chance of not coming in dead last. On the upside I got my new car tonight, so maybe Jacci and I will take Tiny Casey cruising this weekend. Don't worry, we'll remember to adjust the gloves and shinguard first.


I really thought we had it this time, too. I mean, Milton got himself a homerun. A homerun, people! Milton! How can you lose when Milton gets a homerun? Again, I missed the game. We saw a movie and then I was driving home in a fury for fear of the massive yet very welcome storms heading this way.

Anyway, 'twas yet another defeat at the paws those silly dogs out in California. Apparently dogs do play baseball.

The Reds had a much better showing this time. 4 runs, even. Many things happened, some good, some not so good. I'd tell you what they were, but all I know about the game right now is that Milton, Coffey and Belisle all pitched and that Kearns hit a double. All in all, though I'm sure great effort was put into the game, the Reds came out the losers once again. 7 to 4.

On a side note, Sin City is not all it's made out to be. I guess it must be a guy movie. It severely hindered my ability to relate anything interesting from the game as well.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Not Even Going To Ask

I didn't get to watch the game because of work tonight, so I checked the score a bit ago. 4 to 0 Dodgers. Not only was it a shut-out, they apparently were unable to get anyone past first base. Of course, I do believe the total number of players on base for the Reds for the entire game was 1. So now I want to know, but am afraid to ask, does the Central division of the National League really suck that badly? Aside from the Cardinals, of course. I mean, we can pound the crap out of the Brewers and even beat up on the Cubbies when the roster's at full strength. The Cardinals are untouchable, I know that, but we've even beat them up a couple times.

I've decided to call it jet lag. Just can't get used to it no matter how many times you fly. And I'm making that up because I've never flown anywhere. Tomorrow our boys will show those Dodgers what's up. Remind them that once upon a time (in New York City), Dodger was a stray dog that befriended a cat named Oliver in a lovely musical adventure from those geniuses over at Disney. And then remind them that dogs don't play baseball, but people do. And remind them that some crazy British dudes did a study and discovered that the winningest teams wear RED. And how much more red can you get than being the Reds?

And, for your viewing pleasure, here is Tiny Casey, strutting his stuff all over my desk.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Stupid Time Zones

So yesterdays game I could have watched, it wasn't on TV. Saturdays game I could have watched, it wasn't on TV. Tonight the game is on TV, but it doesn't even start until 10:10. Don't they know that some of us have to be up for work at 5am? I think I need to send the MLB and FSNohio my schedule so they can work around it accordingly from now on.

Casey at the Bat

Yeah, we've all heard that one before. But I'm big on cliches for titles. Anyway, as of 5:00 tomorrow (technically today since it's 2:30 in the AM) I shall be the proud new owner of one of the Sean Casey figurines given away on Sean Casey Figurine Night, aka Saturday night. A co-worker witnessed that travesty in person, as well as managed to get bogged down with Casey figurines, so I decided I'd help him out. So tomorrow is Casey's homecoming. I should have a party. I just hope he doesn't smell like Marion's by the time I get him home. Christina and I will have to figure out something fantastic to do with Tiny Casey. Maybe we could turn him into a hood ornament for Christina's future new car.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Go Kearns!!!

Kearns nailed one to right to give the Reds the lead. Apparently if I want something to happen I just need to write about it. Well most of the time, if it was all of the time they wouldn't have lost yet this half. Now, the lead quickly became a tie, but there's still three more innings to beat up on some Brewers. GO REDS!!!

If At First You Don't Succeed...

I'm going to try this again. And this time, no pictures. I lost the first bit of the conversation, so we'll just jump right in middle. We thought we'd give you a bit of insight into our lovely real time conversations while watching Reds games. We had to "watch" this one online, though. Which isn't really watching. Anyway, here we go:

Christina (8:21:03 PM): oh, someone was growing facial hair
Christina (8:21:09 PM): I wanna say it was kearns
Christina(8:21:26 PM): but I get so frustrated with their groomin that I can't remember
Christina(8:21:36 PM): I meant to add a g to that
Jacci (8:21:50 PM): Groomin adds the perfect touch, though
Christina(8:21:59 PM): nice and southern
Jacci (8:22:22 PM): Bunt pops?
Jacci (8:22:30 PM): That doesn't make sense.
Christina(8:22:33 PM): nope
Jacci (8:23:03 PM): But, it's an out for them which is good for us, so I'll take it.
Christina(8:23:38 PM): yes
Christina(8:23:45 PM): uh-oh
Christina(8:23:59 PM): there is a coaching visit to the mound
Christina (8:24:08 PM): oh, because he just loaded the bases
Christina (8:24:11 PM): damn

Jacci (8:25:24 PM): Good job Claussen.
Christina (8:25:48 PM): a wild pitch when the bases are loaded?
Christina (8:25:51 PM): bad idea

Christina (8:25:59 PM): you can't walk him!!!!!!
Christina (8:26:06 PM): there is no where to put him!!!!!!
Christina (8:26:11 PM): throw strikes dammit!!!!

Jacci (8:26:24 PM): Damnation. I can't copy and paste the IM into the blog
Christina (8:26:44 PM): why not?
Christina (8:26:57 PM): son of a mother
Christina (8:27:02 PM): he just walked him

Jacci (8:27:10 PM): I guess itw as just too long. I got it in small snippets
Jacci (8:27:14 PM): GREAT!
Christina (8:27:16 PM): I would like to make my own visit to the mound
Christina (8:27:19 PM): oh no

Jacci (8:27:20 PM): Me too
Jacci (8:27:22 PM): With a bat
Christina (8:27:22 PM): it's overbay (it is important to note here that we hate Overbay. Almost as much as Steinbrenner)
Christina (8:27:26 PM): ha
Christina (8:29:00 PM): oh no
Christina (8:29:05 PM): he's gonna walk overbay
Christina (8:29:13 PM): I don't even like overbay's picture
Christina (8:29:18 PM): looks very full of himself
Christina (8:29:31 PM): or Overbay is going to score on his own
Jacci (8:29:33 PM): Yes he does.
Christina (8:29:37 PM): OH CRAP
Christina (8:29:43 PM): Game Over
Christina (8:30:02 PM): Not another visit to the mound
Christina (8:30:07 PM): TAKE HIM OUT!
Jacci (8:30:10 PM): Coaching visit to mound = bye bye Claussen
Christina (8:30:18 PM): best be
Jacci (8:30:23 PM): It will.
Christina (8:30:27 PM): it should have equaled that last time
Christina (8:33:03 PM): hey
Christina (8:33:09 PM): hadn't seen Coffey in a while
Christina (8:33:45 PM): I wonder if Claussen just doubled his ERA with that one
Christina (8:34:13 PM): he was on my fantasy team too

Christina (8:34:22 PM): I guess I can say goodbye to winning that
Jacci (8:35:00 PM): Yeah. I totally forgot about the second season of that
Jacci (8:35:11 PM): I think Coffey may have played briefly on Thursday
Christina (8:35:14 PM): eh, it's not going so hot
Christina (8:35:39 PM): really? I thought I saw that game too
Christina (8:35:51 PM): no, wait, not Thursdays

Jacci (8:36:15 PM): Thursday was an afternoon game
Christina (8:36:20 PM): ah yes
Christina (8:36:25 PM): I saw wednesdays
Christina (8:36:31 PM): GO DUNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christina (8:36:46 PM): strike
Christina (8:37:06 PM): strike
Christina (8:37:11 PM): not what I meant Dunn

Christina (8:41:15 PM): GO VALENTIN!
Christina (8:41:22 PM): HOMERUN! HOMERUN!

Jacci (8:41:25 PM): Go Valentin indeed!
Jacci (8:41:45 PM): Kearns singled! Missed that.
Christina (8:41:49 PM): yes he did
Jacci (8:41:53 PM): Not a home run, but in play without outs
Christina (8:42:01 PM): a single
Jacci (8:42:04 PM): HOly crap! Kearns made it to third
Christina (8:42:13 PM): and newly skinny Kearns made it to 3rd
Jacci (8:42:15 PM): Lost weight, picked up speed.
Jacci (8:42:16 PM): Yes he did
Jacci (8:42:30 PM): Coaching visit to mound for them. HA!
Christina (8:42:32 PM): why is there a coaching visit to the mound?
Christina (8:42:38 PM): they're up by 8

Jacci (8:42:38 PM): Because we scare them so much
Christina (8:42:50 PM): Encarnacion is up
Jacci (8:43:02 PM): And that 8 could quickly disappear if he freaks out too much
Christina (8:43:06 PM): better not make me even sadder that Randa left so he could be called up
Jacci (8:44:39 PM): He better be amazing. Considering that Randa was only supposed to be filling his spot til he was ready
Christina (8:44:50 PM): and he popped out
Christina (8:44:55 PM): way to go

Christina (8:47:03 PM): Keisler!
Christina (8:47:04 PM): yay!
Christina (8:47:13 PM): too bad we're already down by 8
Jacci (8:47:28 PM): We can make it
Christina (8:48:11 PM): Keisler looks quite hungover in his picture
Christina (8:48:22 PM): or like he just hasn't slept in days
Jacci (8:49:10 PM): He always looks like that I think. He always has puffy eyes
Christina (8:49:56 PM): he should try some cooling cucumber slices
Jacci (8:50:12 PM): He should.
Christina (8:50:13 PM): because that's manly
Jacci (8:50:18 PM): It would feel wonderful
Jacci (8:50:19 PM): Very

Christina (8:50:30 PM): I think it would feel kind of slimy
Jacci (8:50:40 PM): Not if they were fresh from the garden
Jacci (8:50:46 PM): They're not so wet then
Christina (8:50:48 PM): I guess
Jacci (8:51:21 PM): Or he could get the fake paper ones from the cosmetics aisle
Christina (8:51:30 PM): yes
Christina (8:53:19 PM): Grounds into a double play!
Christina (8:54:40 PM): PIGPEN!
Christina (9:00:23 PM): Freel stole a base
Christina (9:01:12 PM): the gameday is going nuts
Christina (9:01:25 PM): it won't let me see the current inning
Christina (9:02:06 PM): yay! 2 to 9
Jacci (9:02:10 PM): Hooray!
Jacci (9:02:15 PM): Slowly making our way back up

Christina (9:03:03 PM): gameday is working again too
Jacci (9:03:20 PM): Yes it is
Christina (9:03:33 PM): and the Reds website just changed it's headline to "Claussen dismissed after ineffective outing"
Christina (9:03:40 PM): I'd say that's an understatement
Christina (9:05:28 PM): lopez stole a base too
Christina (9:05:32 PM): and they walked casey
Christina (9:05:42 PM): coaching visit!
Christina (9:05:50 PM): oh, it's Griffey
Christina (9:06:01 PM): HOMERUN!
Christina (9:06:41 PM): or fly out
Christina (9:06:49 PM): at least lopez got to third
Jacci (9:07:28 PM): Good enough
Christina (9:07:44 PM): Yay Aurilia!
Christina (9:07:51 PM): GO DUNN!!!
Jacci (9:08:00 PM): Yay yay yay. Go Reds Go
Christina (9:08:01 PM): DON'T STRIKE OUT THIS TIME!
Jacci (9:08:10 PM): Walking him would be okay.
Christina (9:08:18 PM): yes
Christina (9:08:25 PM): then kearns can hit a grand slam
Jacci (9:08:32 PM): Which it looks like they're going to do
Christina (9:08:44 PM): YAY!!!!
Christina (9:08:46 PM): no, he hit it!
Jacci (9:08:49 PM): Scoring play!
Christina (9:08:51 PM): go dunn!
Christina (9:08:56 PM): I hope it was a homerun
Christina (9:08:59 PM): I hate gameday
Christina (9:09:03 PM): it's so delayed
Jacci (9:09:11 PM): I know. The anticipation is too much
Jacci (9:09:26 PM): Looks like it was in the perfect place to be a homerun
Christina (9:09:35 PM): nice double though
Jacci (9:09:36 PM): Double. Good enough
Christina (9:09:40 PM): and he's in scoring position
Jacci (9:09:40 PM): And looks like an error
Christina (9:09:43 PM): yes
Christina (9:09:50 PM): and here comes kearns
Jacci (9:09:58 PM): Go Kearns!
Christina (9:10:12 PM): make our Bring back Kearns Campaign worthwhile!
Jacci (9:10:25 PM): Indeed. Intentional walk, mayhaps? Nope, there's a strike
Jacci (9:11:03 PM): HOMERUN KEARNS!!!
Christina (9:11:06 PM): dammit kearns! don't strike out!
Jacci (9:11:11 PM): HOMERUN!
Christina (9:11:22 PM): HOMERUN!
Christina (9:11:32 PM): maybe if we both say it it'll happen
Jacci (9:11:49 PM): It has to
Christina (9:11:49 PM): Full count!
Jacci (9:12:01 PM): Go Kearnsy!!!!
Jacci (9:12:12 PM): Damn it
Christina (9:12:12 PM): dammit!
Christina (9:12:26 PM): it wasn't even a sac fly either
Jacci (9:12:33 PM): Nope, how disappointing
Christina (9:12:34 PM): Valentin is up though
Jacci (9:12:37 PM): Yep
Jacci (9:12:48 PM): It's about time for another homerun
Christina (9:12:51 PM): he didn't hit a homerun last night, so he is obviously due
Jacci (9:12:57 PM): Yep
Christina (9:14:46 PM): don't just strand Dunn at 3rd! hit it!
Christina (9:15:51 PM): this may be Santos' last inning too
Christina (9:15:57 PM): his pitch count is pretty hight
Christina (9:16:03 PM): without a t
Christina (9:16:41 PM): Damn
Christina (9:16:44 PM): stranded dunn
Jacci (9:17:05 PM): Poor Dunn
Christina (9:18:00 PM): we have 2 more hits than them
Christina (9:18:03 PM): that is sad
Christina (9:18:29 PM): at least we're in a spot to win it though
Christina (9:18:49 PM): so long as our pitching can keep them from scoring more
Christina (9:19:00 PM): Keisler is back!
Christina (9:19:06 PM): yup
Jacci (9:19:07 PM): yeah, much faith in Keisler
Christina (9:19:10 PM): santos is done
Jacci (9:19:15 PM): Bye bye santos
Christina (9:19:45 PM): not so nice seeing you
Jacci (9:21:25 PM): NOpe
Jacci (9:21:31 PM): Now it's time to kick some booty

Christina (9:21:47 PM): yes
Christina (9:22:00 PM): walking this guy isn't the way to do that
Jacci (9:22:48 PM): No it isn't.
Jacci (9:22:52 PM): Butt kicking!

Christina (9:23:12 PM): yup, he walked him
Jacci (9:23:25 PM): Great.
Christina (9:31:53 PM): crap
Christina (9:31:59 PM): it is now an 11 to 5 game
Jacci (9:32:06 PM): Sucktastic
Jacci (9:33:02 PM): uh-oh. Internet tried to die there for a sec
Christina (9:35:44 PM): not good
Jacci (9:36:28 PM): It came back to life.
Christina (9:39:21 PM): damn, we're going 123
Jacci (9:40:02 PM): Crap
Jacci (9:40:17 PM): I think it just might be over. I'm not one to give up on anything until the end, but I don't think we've got any hope
Christina (9:42:21 PM): I know
Christina (9:42:23 PM): it's sad
Christina (9:42:37 PM): uhoh

Jacci (9:42:51 PM): More runs for them? Because that would just be awesome
Christina (9:43:06 PM): they changed pitchers but Olmedo is staying in the game as shortstop
Christina (9:43:12 PM): I hope lopez isn't hurt
Christina (9:43:38 PM): and no more runs

Jacci (9:44:12 PM): Well at least no more runs.
Jacci (9:44:15 PM): Maybe he's tired
Christina (9:44:41 PM): no, no more runs for us
Christina (9:44:44 PM): that's bad
Christina (9:44:56 PM): super new hottie is pitching though
Jacci (9:45:18 PM): Go Standridge! Do something to validate your hotness!
Christina (9:45:44 PM): I'd like to make a different kind of coaching visit to the mound
Jacci (9:45:55 PM): Hahaha
Jacci (9:46:09 PM): Crap. I guess I'm going outside to sit with my neighbors while they drink by the fire.
Jacci (9:46:20 PM): I suppose if they're at my house i should make an appearance.
Christina (9:46:24 PM): well, this game is a lost cause anywya
Jacci (9:46:27 PM): Yep
Jacci (9:46:31 PM): I've given up on it
Jacci (9:46:50 PM): Perhaps if I give up on it they will win
Christina (9:46:57 PM): yeah

So there you have that. My plan didn't work. I gave up on the game, and they lost it. They tried to make a comeback. But 7 runs doesn't cut it when the bad guys have 11. Oh well! They'll take it today and win the series. How else are they going to make it to the playoffs?

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The head should have bobbled

Above is the Sean Casey figurine they gave away tonight. Notice it is not a bobblehead. Casey even pointed that out on FSNOhio ads for the promotion. Apparently no bobblehead=no win. Though on the hitting end the Reds made quite the effort. What happened to Claussen? He must have just doubled his ERA in the past 2 outings. Can they call up the pitchers they got for Randa now? 7 runs should win a game. Dunn didn't hit any homers tonight (in fact I believe no one in a red uniform hit a home run this evening) but got a couple of decent hits in, Casey drove a run in (at least he got something on his figurine night), and Aurillia and Lopez made some good efforts too. Freel helped move himself over to be knocked in by Casey by stealing a base, but then got picked off trying to do the same thing later in the game when they really couldn't afford the out. Kearns got a sac fly, but we're still waiting on his first home run since his return from Louisville.
Always comes down to the pitching. Or lackthereof. So frustrating.


Well, it's not like it wasn't one of the most expected moves ever, but Randa is gone. Everyone knew it was going to happen, including Randa who commented several times in the paper on expecting to be traded, but I'm actually quite sad. Randa was very good at 3rd base, further evidenced by an awesome diving catch I was able to witness in person last night. And who isn't going to miss that goofy smile when he comes up to bat? The one that he insists really isn't a smile, which makes sense considering he has the expression at bat even when the Reds are getting the crap beat out of them. Lets hope the pitching they got out of this deal doesn't end up being a lost cause like a certain Reds who shall remain nameless for the sake of me not having to eat my words if they start doing better. You will be missed Randa. Well, at least by me anyway.
On another note, why isn't the game on TV tonight? I have some work to do at home, and as much fun as that is on a Saturday night, I thought at least I could do it in front of the TV with the game on. But noooo, instead FSNOhio is choosing to air "Beyond the Glory (Mike Ditka)" and some other programing which is not the Reds game. Who wants to watch that crap?! You will rue the day FSNOhio...

Friday, July 22, 2005

I really need a camera phone

I would like to put up pictures of tonights game. And they would be really good pictures too, seeing as we were just 4 rows behind third base. However that would have required me remembering my camera. Or having a camera on my cellphone, which I do not.
It was a good game too. The lineup was a bit different than what I requested, apparently someone didn't get the memo. Aurillia was at 2nd instead of Freel, and Pena didn't pinch hit, Cruz did. Seeing as they seriously beat up on some Brewers though I'll let that one slide.
Dunn hit two homeruns :) Valentin came so close to hitting one yet again (that man is on fire), Randa hit one, Lopez hit one, and just about everyone got a hit or two in there. Randa made an amazing catch, as did Griffy, both of them preventing what probably would have been doubles. There was a nice power outage at the top of the 7th too. Ortiz lasted 7 innings, and left when we were winning 10 to 3. Then Mercker came in and gave up 3 runs, making it a little nervewracking. Granted 4 runs is still a nice lead going into the bottom of the 8th, but those of you who can feel completely comfortable with that lead obviously weren't watching a particular Cardinals game. Randa hit a homer in the bottom of the eighth which gave Belisle a little extra insurance to close out the game with. Final score Reds 11 Brewers 6. GO REDS!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Brew Crew is going down!

I get to go to the game tomorrow! I get to go to the game tomorrow! I wish Harang was pitching though. Last time I was at a game Ortiz pitched, and we won, however he also gave up four runs in the first. While the Reds are very good at coming from behind (at least we're first at something in the MLB) it's even more fun to be winning the entire game. Not sure exactly what the line up is going to be tomorrow, but, if Narron can read my mind, this is what it would look like:
1b - Casey
2b - Freel
3b - Randa
ss - Lopez
rf - Kearns
cf - Griffey
lf - Dunn
I do like Pena, I just really want to see Kearns play, so Pena can pinch hit.
As for catcher, I do like to look at LaRue, but Valentin is just on fire lately, so I pick him. Though I'm guessing since he's played two nights in a row he won't be playing tomorrow. I'm not entirely sure what my chances are of getting this line up, but the day after I wrote that I missed Kearns and Freel, they were back, so here's hoping...

Banana Splits

Bananas have nothing to do with this.

Afternoon games are very irritating. They never play them on TV. Luckily there's a certain website to "watch" the game on. All the same, didn't get to see Kearns's two-run single that finally put the Reds in the lead in the 8th. But he did it. Welcome back Kearnsy!

Valentin has brought his batting average up to something like a billion this week. He had two more homers today.

Poor Milton must have taken a suck pill today. Gave up 5 runs in the 4th inning.

However, in spite of that, the Reds posted their own 5 run inning and won 9 to 6, splitting the series. Because they are awesome. And so are we.

Take that Woods!

Since it looks like I'm the only 1/2 of this blog who was able to watch the game tonight, I will add my take, which I'm sure you've been waiting for. 9 runs on 11 hits means a lot of home runs. Valentin did it again, nearly doubling his season home runs in a matter of a few days. Griffey, Lopez, and last but most definately not least Dunn also hit some long balls. Harang pitched the Reds first complete game since October, and it was looking like it might be a shutout as well, but he hit a lull during the 7th and gave up the back to back homers the Cubs seem to have mastered. I wonder what happens to they guy who breaks the streak they're on of doing that? Harang recovered from his few mistakes though, and got some hugs from his teammates for it at the end. Awww... it was so sweet. Speaking of hugs, while Kearns didn't play tonight, he arrived at the dugout late in the game and shared some special moments with Dunn and Griffey which were televised on FSNOhio for all to see. Kearns also appeared to have dropped about 2 or 20 pounds and was looking pretty fine. Freel stayed surprisingly clean this evening, instead Harang seemed to take a note from pigpen and slid into third almost taking out his knee in the process. All in all quite the game. Hopefully Kearns will get to see some action tomorrow afternoon. Hmmm...Maddux vs. Milton. Lets just hope they don't celebrate the return of Freel and Kearns too much tonight, they've got a series to split tomorrow. LETS GO REDS!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Down With Cubs! Up With Kearns!

Heck yeah, bitches! Kearns and Freel come back, Reds win 9 to 3. That's right, Kearns doesn't suck. I credit the win entirely to him. I actually haven't looked at anything about the game other than the score. I don't even know if Kearns played tonight. But, I believe he single handedly won the game. Well, I'll allow Pigpen to have contributed something.


They Listened!

KEARNS IS BACK!!! And Freel has returned as well! Apparently my last post lit a fire under some people in the Reds organization. Don't worry, you don't need to thank me, just knowing I made a difference is enough. Now, lets beat up on some Cubs!!!

Dunn needs a haircut

I only got to see the last inning of the Reds game tonight (well technically it was on at the bar we went to for dinner, but I'm to blind to see the TV as far as it was from me), so since Jax pretty much summed it up I will just leave my usual commentary.
Dunn needs a haircut. I've been saying that all season, I'm getting ready to start the letter writing campaign. I wish they would wear their pretty all red uniforms more often. That is pretty much what commentary the Christina/Jacci way is as referred to in the last post. We do talk baseball, but we wouldn't be girls if we didn't have stuff like that to say.
Oh, and how much freaking longer is Freel out? I'm really starting to miss pigpen.
And finally, just because I think I've gone 24 hours without mentioning it: BRING BACK KEARNS!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reds Glory

Oh man. Do you think the Reds can make up four runs in just 1 inning? I guess we'll find out in a few minutes. This game started out somewhat promising. LaRue had a two-run double and we were ahead 2 to 0. Then the stupid Cubs had to hit a three-run homer. Now we play the Waiting Game.

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

The Waiting Game's boring. Let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

I'll give you a penny if you know what that's from. Here's a hint, it has nothing to do with baseball.

Hey! Keisler is back! And he ended the inning. Halfway done with the Waiting Game. Score's still 7 to 3. Commentary the Christina/Jacci way is much harder when you can't actually see the game. Though, to get a little bit in there, LaRue FINALLY shaved his ugly facial growth. I have no idea what he thought that was. Luckily it's gone.

Darn, LaRue flies out. As a side note, Weathers was taken out for an injured back. He must have been throwing like a monster. That or he's had an injured back for a while. And, true to Reds staff form, no one knew until now.

Hooray! They seem to have intentionally walked Cruz. He's so scary!

Sweetness. Lopez strikes out.

Our hopes rest on Aurilia. Come on Rich! You can do it! Or you can ground out and end the game.

Thus ends another chapter of Reds Glory. But, at least they scored. It wasn't a shut out. And, while the actual score may not mean much, 3's look a lot better than 0's anyway.

Dunn Pictures

There's Jason Romano playing left field instead of Dunn in the first game.

Dunn in left field for 1 inning
Dunn's the little white dot WAAAAAAY over there playing first for the entire second game.

Happier thoughts

I need to not post immediately after a loss. Makes it sound like I don't like the Reds or something. I love my last place team. Plus they've got three more days to beat up on the Cubs. Now, I have a few things I would like to share with the coaching staff about the pitching matchup tomorrow night, but somehow I doubt they read this blog. But really, Prior and Hudson? If we had a good chance of giving Hudson some run support, maybe, but when Prior is pitching? Craziness I tell you. No matter what happens in the Cubs series though, they best be winning Friday night, because I'm going to be at the game. And due to the split of the double header last time I was at a game I don't really know what my presence does to them this season. Because, you know, I'm the overpowering presence in thousands of fans. I'm that special. At least for Friday I didn't buy seats on the left feild side specifically to see Dunn only for Dunn to play a grand total of 1 inning out of 18 in left field. If I had the motivation to do so right now I would post the picture of where Dunn should have been and was not. Maybe later, right now I'm gonna sleep.

And we're back

Nice. Getting the crap beat out of us when we've got who is *supposed* to be our best pitcher on the mound. Wouldn't want to get too used to winning or anything.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Isn't that a funny little picture of Casey? I saw it on the Reds website so I thought I'd share.

By the way, we were totally serious about the fork thing.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


A sweep of the Rockies! In quite an amazing last game too. Go Valentin! Though I must say, if we don't start seeing a Grand Slam in every series from now on for the rest of the season, I'm going to be quite dissapointed. Because we know they can do it. It's definately looking like the second half might help them keep them from finishing dead last in the central division. Now, again, if opening day was any indicator it was looking like the Reds might go all the way this year, but no sense dwelling on the past. To repeat: GO VALENTIN!!!!!!!!

Leave comments or feel the pointy agony of a fork.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Who the Hell is Kenny Kelly?

The Reds win!! Colorado loses!! That's the difference a mile makes. And the Reds sent an outfielder back to Louisville, and guess what! Kearns still isn't back! They brought some guy named Kenny Kelly off the DL instead. We want our Kearnsy back! Heads will roll if this doesn't change soon.

You have been warned...

Thursday, July 14, 2005

It could happen...

The Reds are back tomorrow!!! And Harang is pitching. Ought to be a good game, maybe we can start the second half off with a win. Harang definately deserves it, and hopefully after the rest they can get their bats going. Now granted they started the first half off with a sweep of the Mets, and we all see how far that went, but still. I'm all for them making a comeback, winning every single game between now and the playoffs and then taking the World Series by storm. Come on who's with me? Anybody?...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

All-Star Crap Box

National League loses again! They've been doing that a lot lately, I guess. Haven't won the All-Star game in 9 years. It could have been worse. 7 to 5 is a lot better than 7 to 2. And Lopez got to see some action. The Reds site could be making it sound more important than it was, but he got a single and eventually someone scored. GO FELIPE! (pronounced "Felipee" or "Felipee-ay" if you are 8 years old and announcing him as the lead off batter in the 3rd inning) Two more days and we're back to our regularly scheduled Reds!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Edit to Previous Post

That last post made it sound like we didn't like Lopez by booing his all star participation. Not the case at all. We Heart All the Reds. (Granted there are a few we like A LOT, but still, we like them all, cause they're Reds) We're just pissed other reds were not nominated. Though I suppose they are enjoying their extended break. So lets hope they rest up so they can kick some Colorado ass.

Monday, July 11, 2005

All Stars

Alas, it is time for the All Star game break. No Reds for FOUR DAYS! And I think Felipe Lopez is the only Reds player involved. BOO!

These pictures are a lot of fun.

False Hope

Milon pitches 5 innings. 1 hit. No runs. Are we going to sweep the Diamondbacks? On the road nonetheless? No, no we are not, because the 6th inning came. 6th innings are never good to the Reds this season, they've given up many runs in the 6th. So Milton gives up a 2 runs, they pull him out of the game, and they can't hit shit to try and come back. xnmkcddrdkjajfldiofawfawwrj. That was me, banging my head against the keyboard in frustration.


We want Austin Kearns out of Louisville! So do you! Bring him back now! 3 Consecutive home runs in one night!?! What the hell does this man have to do to come back? And none of this "he needs to lose weight" crap. Kearns is hot just the way he is. Well, maybe a shave...


Welcome to We Heart the Reds! It's a Reds blog! It's a lot of fun! I just decided to write something so there would be a post on here. Hooray! Oh, hooray for Dunn's grand slam last night!