Saturday, July 23, 2005

The head should have bobbled

Above is the Sean Casey figurine they gave away tonight. Notice it is not a bobblehead. Casey even pointed that out on FSNOhio ads for the promotion. Apparently no bobblehead=no win. Though on the hitting end the Reds made quite the effort. What happened to Claussen? He must have just doubled his ERA in the past 2 outings. Can they call up the pitchers they got for Randa now? 7 runs should win a game. Dunn didn't hit any homers tonight (in fact I believe no one in a red uniform hit a home run this evening) but got a couple of decent hits in, Casey drove a run in (at least he got something on his figurine night), and Aurillia and Lopez made some good efforts too. Freel helped move himself over to be knocked in by Casey by stealing a base, but then got picked off trying to do the same thing later in the game when they really couldn't afford the out. Kearns got a sac fly, but we're still waiting on his first home run since his return from Louisville.
Always comes down to the pitching. Or lackthereof. So frustrating.


Red Hot Mama said...

I consider myself lucky to have read the commentary before it was sucked into the void. It was highly amusing.

Jacci and/or Christina said...

Thanks. I was trying to replace the figurine picture with the one that was actually given away and somehow erased the post. I'm not allowed to edit Jacci's posts anymore.