Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dunn needs a haircut

I only got to see the last inning of the Reds game tonight (well technically it was on at the bar we went to for dinner, but I'm to blind to see the TV as far as it was from me), so since Jax pretty much summed it up I will just leave my usual commentary.
Dunn needs a haircut. I've been saying that all season, I'm getting ready to start the letter writing campaign. I wish they would wear their pretty all red uniforms more often. That is pretty much what commentary the Christina/Jacci way is as referred to in the last post. We do talk baseball, but we wouldn't be girls if we didn't have stuff like that to say.
Oh, and how much freaking longer is Freel out? I'm really starting to miss pigpen.
And finally, just because I think I've gone 24 hours without mentioning it: BRING BACK KEARNS!

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