Saturday, July 30, 2005

DO IT!!!!!!

Two outs, bases loaded, Kearns at the plate, full count.


Damnable Gameday is just too slow.

Well, it wasn't a grand slam, but they walked him. One more for the good guys! Why is Freel running for Kearns? Oh well, he's speedy.

Ooooh, and now the big man, Javier Valentin, strides up to the plate. Is he still on fire? Did the inferno spread to California? We soon shall know.

It's a two-run single! Still not a grand slam, but now the score is 5 to 1 and the Padres' coach is paying a little visit to his pitcher because he is shakin' in his boots. Well there's a no nonsense mound visit. You's outta here.

The future will bring a conclusion to this exciting game. I just can't stay up to wait for it.


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