Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Brew Crew is going down!

I get to go to the game tomorrow! I get to go to the game tomorrow! I wish Harang was pitching though. Last time I was at a game Ortiz pitched, and we won, however he also gave up four runs in the first. While the Reds are very good at coming from behind (at least we're first at something in the MLB) it's even more fun to be winning the entire game. Not sure exactly what the line up is going to be tomorrow, but, if Narron can read my mind, this is what it would look like:
1b - Casey
2b - Freel
3b - Randa
ss - Lopez
rf - Kearns
cf - Griffey
lf - Dunn
I do like Pena, I just really want to see Kearns play, so Pena can pinch hit.
As for catcher, I do like to look at LaRue, but Valentin is just on fire lately, so I pick him. Though I'm guessing since he's played two nights in a row he won't be playing tomorrow. I'm not entirely sure what my chances are of getting this line up, but the day after I wrote that I missed Kearns and Freel, they were back, so here's hoping...

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