Friday, July 22, 2005

I really need a camera phone

I would like to put up pictures of tonights game. And they would be really good pictures too, seeing as we were just 4 rows behind third base. However that would have required me remembering my camera. Or having a camera on my cellphone, which I do not.
It was a good game too. The lineup was a bit different than what I requested, apparently someone didn't get the memo. Aurillia was at 2nd instead of Freel, and Pena didn't pinch hit, Cruz did. Seeing as they seriously beat up on some Brewers though I'll let that one slide.
Dunn hit two homeruns :) Valentin came so close to hitting one yet again (that man is on fire), Randa hit one, Lopez hit one, and just about everyone got a hit or two in there. Randa made an amazing catch, as did Griffy, both of them preventing what probably would have been doubles. There was a nice power outage at the top of the 7th too. Ortiz lasted 7 innings, and left when we were winning 10 to 3. Then Mercker came in and gave up 3 runs, making it a little nervewracking. Granted 4 runs is still a nice lead going into the bottom of the 8th, but those of you who can feel completely comfortable with that lead obviously weren't watching a particular Cardinals game. Randa hit a homer in the bottom of the eighth which gave Belisle a little extra insurance to close out the game with. Final score Reds 11 Brewers 6. GO REDS!!!

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