Thursday, July 21, 2005

Take that Woods!

Since it looks like I'm the only 1/2 of this blog who was able to watch the game tonight, I will add my take, which I'm sure you've been waiting for. 9 runs on 11 hits means a lot of home runs. Valentin did it again, nearly doubling his season home runs in a matter of a few days. Griffey, Lopez, and last but most definately not least Dunn also hit some long balls. Harang pitched the Reds first complete game since October, and it was looking like it might be a shutout as well, but he hit a lull during the 7th and gave up the back to back homers the Cubs seem to have mastered. I wonder what happens to they guy who breaks the streak they're on of doing that? Harang recovered from his few mistakes though, and got some hugs from his teammates for it at the end. Awww... it was so sweet. Speaking of hugs, while Kearns didn't play tonight, he arrived at the dugout late in the game and shared some special moments with Dunn and Griffey which were televised on FSNOhio for all to see. Kearns also appeared to have dropped about 2 or 20 pounds and was looking pretty fine. Freel stayed surprisingly clean this evening, instead Harang seemed to take a note from pigpen and slid into third almost taking out his knee in the process. All in all quite the game. Hopefully Kearns will get to see some action tomorrow afternoon. Hmmm...Maddux vs. Milton. Lets just hope they don't celebrate the return of Freel and Kearns too much tonight, they've got a series to split tomorrow. LETS GO REDS!!!

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