Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Happier thoughts

I need to not post immediately after a loss. Makes it sound like I don't like the Reds or something. I love my last place team. Plus they've got three more days to beat up on the Cubs. Now, I have a few things I would like to share with the coaching staff about the pitching matchup tomorrow night, but somehow I doubt they read this blog. But really, Prior and Hudson? If we had a good chance of giving Hudson some run support, maybe, but when Prior is pitching? Craziness I tell you. No matter what happens in the Cubs series though, they best be winning Friday night, because I'm going to be at the game. And due to the split of the double header last time I was at a game I don't really know what my presence does to them this season. Because, you know, I'm the overpowering presence in thousands of fans. I'm that special. At least for Friday I didn't buy seats on the left feild side specifically to see Dunn only for Dunn to play a grand total of 1 inning out of 18 in left field. If I had the motivation to do so right now I would post the picture of where Dunn should have been and was not. Maybe later, right now I'm gonna sleep.

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