Sunday, July 31, 2005

Stupid west coast games

Well, for the second evening in a row I have fallen asleep on the couch halfway through a Reds game. (hey, in my defense I've been getting up at 5ish for work all week) I also need to ask Jacci why her last post referred to "watching" the game on Gameday, when it was on TV (to which she shall respond "Living with the parents on school breaks makes it very difficult to get any of her own TV time"). Though gameday does add that extra suspense. The good part is that I've woken up both times to a win, however I've missed some of the best parts, so you won't get to read my captivating game wraps. Like on a homerun hit by Valentin that was longer than Dunn's?! Really? Go Valentin. Though I must say no one could give a speech quite like Dunn's about getting Encarnacion's homerun ball back. I love Dunn, so I say this in the nicest way possible, but, well, it's a good thing that man can play sports.
The Reds setting the longest winning streak of the season well they're on the road is nice, almost lets one forget about how painful watching road games has been the rest of this season. Almost. It wasn't much fun to have to see Randa in a Padres uniform though, so it will be nice when this road trip is over. But first there is a series to sweep :) GO REDS!!!

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