Tuesday, July 19, 2005

And we're back

Nice. Getting the crap beat out of us when we've got who is *supposed* to be our best pitcher on the mound. Wouldn't want to get too used to winning or anything.


Red Hot Mama said...

Not the fork! Anything but the fork!

You might get more comments if you allow them annonymously. I had to put up a Blogger page just to post this. Which is kinda lame. Seeing as I already have a blog. And all.

Red Hot Mama said...

P.S. - Congrats on the job, Christina. :)

Jacci and/or Christina said...

Ahhhh, yes, allowing anonymous comments would help. Thanks very much Red Hot Mama. We love your blog, by the way. Can't tell you how exciting it is that you read ours. Weeeeeeeee!