Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hell Hath No Fury (aka Round Table Part 3)

Okay, so I'm not exactly scorned, but in honor of Doc's "eww, girls" comment, he gets to wear pink!

And now I present, for your viewing pleasure, last Sunday night's baseball discussion adventure. It was great fun. Enjoy! Mad props to RHM for editing!

This is part 3, links to the other six parts coming soon.

Doc Scott: Dave better have razor-sharp control
JDArney: If Dave Williams can post a sub-5.00 ERA then he will have surprised the hell out of me.
Red Hot Mama: I think Javy's going to rap in Spanish.
Blade: I'm not really high on Dave Williams either
Doc Scott: there isn't as much margin for error if you're a lefty starter without Johan Santana's stuff in GABP
BRM: Who remembers the Sparky Anderson game last year? Dave Williams totally shut down the Reds that day.
Jacci: Oh, that's even better.
Doc Scott: at least as homers are concerned
Shawn: I'm rooting for Williams, but I don't have real high hopes
Shawn: I'll sing polka...good in Cincy
Doc Scott: he's going to pitch better than Luke Hudson did as a starter
BRM: Williams has been successful at every level he has pitched at, including the majors. Look at his bio year by year and you will be impressed.
JDArney: I would like to hear Javy rap in Spanish. I'd pay up to $10 american dollars to hear that. Possibly more.
Doc Scott: if Milton improves to mediocrity, Harang is the same, and Claussen improves a little, we have four not-terrible starters
Shawn: I'll give you that Williams will have a better year than Hudson or Ortiz did last year
Jacci: You can make checks payable to me
Red Hot Mama: Jacci, you've got the hook-up with Javy and YOU NEVER TOLD ME??
Shawn: It says a lot for diminished expectations that we are hoping to have four starters with ERAs under 5.00.
BRM: Belisle could be the key guy for that rotation. I think we all want to see him get a shot, right?
Jacci: Ummm, no, I was lying. I was gonna run off with all your money and have umbrella drinks
Red Hot Mama: In favor of whom?
Shawn: But that would probably get us over .500 on the field
BRM: I am assuming Paul wilson will not be ready
JDArney: Umbrella drinks? What are you some kind of girl?
Doc Scott: that's the guy I'm not counting on
BRM: he is only pitching at 50-75% currently.
JDArney: Wait a minute ...
Shawn: Belisle can fill in for Wilson to start, and then whoever else gets hurt
Jacci: Why yes, yes I am
Shawn: I'll have a Shirley Temple, Jacci
Doc Scott: ewww, girls...
Jacci: Don't worry. Cootie free
Doc Scott: (ducks)
BRM: Even if Paul Wilson declares himself healty I think Belisle can out pitch him.
Doc Scott: BRM: agreed
BRM: *healthy*
Shawn: That's true...
Shawn: It would be unrealistic to think that the starters will make every start all year...that rarely happens on any team
Doc Scott: who's the dark horse?
Shawn: Belisle could be very valuable even as a utility pitcher
Shawn: I like Germano and Dumatrait to make some starts this year, and maybe be in the rotation in September
Doc Scott: maybe Germano, yeah
Doc Scott: or Elizardo Ramirez
Doc Scott: if they can teach him how to throw *fewer* strikes
Jacci: Christina asked me to tell you was that she's hanging out at Ruby Tuesdays having fish sandwiches with Dunn
Shawn: Lizard needs some AAA time
JDArney: I'd like to see Elizardo in the bullpen for a few months
Doc Scott: those two don't have the stuff to not get hit if they don't throw a few outside the strike zone
Shawn: sandwiches
BRM: Ramirez got torched in Winter Ball
Blade: I could go for some cod right now
JDArney: Knowing Dunn I'm surprised they're not at some seedy strip club in Sarasota
Doc Scott: Ruby T's got an impressive salad bar, although I bet Adam considers the four food groups to be meat, starch, barley, and hops.
Shawn: Lizard is young...23 this year....he needs time to pitch in the minors
Shawn: Ash Wednesday is March 1
BRM: Soto is working with Ramirez right now... that sounds good to me.
Shawn: Good call
BRM: Mario Soto is one of my all time favorites.
Doc Scott: I'd like to hear that quite a bit this year
Shawn: Oh, yeah...I miss Mario Soto
Shawn: Wish his arm had held out until we got a good team around him
Doc Scott: from what I've read, though, siccing Tom Browning on some impressionable young minds isn't such a good idea

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Red Hot Mama said...

Call me crazy, but I think Scott might have been flirting with you.

Ewww. Boys!

Jacci and/or Christina said...

Hahaha! Flattering as that is, he still gets to wear pink. It's what all the cool guys do now, anyway.

Doc Scott said...

Hey, it worked in third grade.