Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy September!

Let's make it 6 in a row. I expected the Dodgers to be tough, but I was holding out hope for at least one win. I'm not going to be depressed about it, though. Last year the Reds tore through the West Coast and it did very little for them. Considering that, perhaps they can be torn up by the West Coast this year and have very little done to them. Last year they weren't on the brink of making the playoffs, true, but there are only 1 1/2 games between Cincinnati and San Diego and 3 games with San Diego coming up. Plus 3 more later this month. That's plenty of opportunity to stay in the Wild Card race. We'll just have to do something about the Phillies. Kidnap Howard? Don't.

In light of the off day (even though every day feels like an off day when the Reds are in California) Edit: It is not an off day. That was yesterday. I guess that proves my point. I was going to give you a whole bunch of links. However, graduating from college has left me reliable-internet-less. Cursed dial-up is all I have, and right now it refuses to cooperate in any manner, save at least allowing me access to my own blog. I really hate dial-up.

In general, those links were going to consist of:

  • Daedalus has lots of stuff to link to. Chelipe was particularly entertaining
  • RHM says her blog is worth a bit more than $23,000 in internet money or something. We are worth a measely $8,000 and change
  • JD's peeps took over a Dodgers blog
  • Rumblings about David Wells (all for naught, as the Padres apparently got him)
  • And others

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