Monday, September 11, 2006


Apparently I was wrong. We did go to the game Saturday after all, but I went with Christina instead of my mom. And we got tickets for free, rather than half-price. Christina's parents' neighbors, whoever they are, are awesome people. They were the best seats we've ever had at Great American, and even more best because they cost 0 dollars.

Our fabulous seats

Unlike the last three games I've been to, it was warm and sunny. A great day for a game. We got there a little late, and instead of sitting down to watch the rest of the 2nd inning, we went hunting for food. We discovered that one hot dog vendor will sell hot dogs for $3.75, while the one right next to it sells them for $8.75. I hadn't noticed that ever before. Apparently people will buy 9 dollar hot dogs, though.

At some point we missed Jason Bay's home run and we came back to a 2-1 game. Jackass and Loudmouth, the two old men sitting in front of us, ruined any chance we had of enjoying a game that had so little to enjoy. The Reds kept it close for a while, but all the while Loudmouth kept yelling about how much he hated the guys. I was moments from smacking him when he started laying into Coffey. Jackass kept moving his head so that I couldn't see a damn thing that was going on. I'm not tall, so that's a problem to begin with anyway.

Memorable moments:
  • Free team photos to every fan but me
  • Brandon Phillips's two-run homer right after we were noting the game's level on the Meter of Suckitude
  • Helmet Sundaes (now with M&M upgrade)
  • Mr. Red stealing a Pirates fan's hat (returning it after rubbing it under his arm)
  • I couldn't see the corner in right field and thought Dewayne Wise's double in the 7th was a home run
  • Seeing more of Great American than I have ever seen before
  • Finding Adam Dunn's apartment (we really just saw a Texas flag hanging off the balcony of an apartment near the ballpark, but it could have been Adam's)
  • I made Buckeyes and am very proud of myself for not screwing them up

Unfortunately, the Reds lost this game 7-4. I blame Ryan Franklin. Or, more appropriately, Narron for using him again and again, knowing that he blows close games again and again. I also blame the cat for waking me up this morning by sticking his claws in my foot. At least the dog just lays on me.

Evil Kitten

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