Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mr. Giant Golf Club Inventor

That would be my new favorite Real Man of Genius and I just thought you all should know it, since I heard the commercial during tonight's game. FOUR!!!
Tonight was another 1 run loss for the Reds, this one coming at the end of 11 innings. Thanks to the extended nature of the game, I was able to hear/see more than the last inning of the game. Still, I was not able to bear witness to Josh Hamilton's first major league hit/homerun. I'm sorry to have missed it, but I'm sure I can find a number of replays. There's probably one up on already. It's going to be quite the popular story in the Cincy area.
Kyle Lohse started the game for the Reds. The only players not to leave the bench or bullpen during the course of the game were Chad Moeller, Victor Santos and Jon Coutlangus.
Dunn started off his evening with a solo homer in the 1st. Hamilton's 2-run bomb came in the 3rd. Brandon Phillips finished out the scoring with his own solo shot, also in the 3rd.
Even with those three home runs, the Reds could not pull out a win. The Snakes jumped out to the lead in their half of the 1st on a 3-run homer from Chad Tracy. Hamilton and Phillips gave the Reds the lead in the 3rd, but Chris Snyder's home run in the 4th brought the game to a tie. It stayed that way until the bottom of the 11th, when Arizona finally managed to put the game out of its misery, handing the Reds loss number 4, with a score of 5-4.

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