Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tiny Casey: Super Sleuth - Part I

In my quest to solve the mystery of the Great American Trash Cans, I enlisted the help of a great, though small, detective. Tiny Agent Casey and his protege, Tinier Dunnson, are on the case. The two are very thorough. To begin the investigation they researched the different kinds of recepticles they might be looking for.

First up, the small, beige-ish white kind of can:

Then the medium, blue can:

And finally the large, green can(s):

I'm not exactly sure how examining the trash cans around my house will help them, but they're the detectives. Tune in next time for the continuation of this mystery.


T-Bone said...

It's elementary my dear jacci and/or christina!

Standing by for the next chapter......

Jacci and/or Christina said...

Yay! You got it! I was concerned that the Dunnson thing was going to just look dumb.

I've been having all kinds of fun internet issues lately. Who knew dial-up could actually go down? I thought that, no matter how slow, it would at least always be there. I was wrong. But, I think it's fixed now so I can get back to the technological world. Hooray!