Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Too Many Networks

Do you think FSN-HD is an actual channel? I don't have any fancy HD channels, even though I am currently house/cat-sitting for people with a giant HD television, and the Reds site says the game will be on FSN-HD. I don't know enough about the various Fox networks to understand if that means tomorrow's game will or will not be on FSN Ohio. I have time to watch this one, too! Exciting! Maybe I'll get to see Josh Hamilton's second major league at bat. I did finally see his first, courtesy of RHM.

That's really all I've got for now. It's almost 6 AM and I have yet to go to bed. Here's hoping for some work-free baseball to watch tomorrow (or today, rather).

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DevilsAdvocate said...

I only get 2 HD channels (over-air network affiliates) but as I understand it, on digital cable or satellite the HD version of a channel is separate. So FSN Ohio will be one channel, and FSN-HD Ohio will be another channel likely way up in the 700 range or something. There should be a guide button on the TV remote where you can scroll through all the channel listings being received.