Friday, June 09, 2006

Boo Dial-Up, Yay Reds

The Redlegs have got their second sweep in a row under their belts and are preparing to show the Cubs what they forgot to bring to Chicago last time. In sweeping the Cards this week they also moved into a tie with them for first place. Wahoo! Also, did you know that you can say "hell" in the newspaper? Twice even. And it's not referring to the town in Michigan everyone was so in love with Tuesday.

I'm slowly drowning in dial-up for the next week, so here's what little detail I could remember from Wednesday/what the newspaper will tell me. Harang started, looked awesome for 5 innings, then suddenly lost it in the 6th. Hammond finished out the last third of that inning by continuing to be awesome. True to form, Weathers gave up a run in his 2 innings. Coffey picked up the lost awesome vibe and pitched a shut-out 9th, making that save number 4 for the man.

Aurilia and Hatteberg both had good nights, going 4-5 and 2-3 respectively. Aurilia hit a 3-run homerun in the 6th. By the end of it all the Reds won 7-4, bringing their winning streak to 7.

Off the field, it appears that Edwin's ankle sprain is not all that bad. He will take a few days off and the doc says he probably won't be going on the DL. Griffey has been out of the lineup the last couple of days with a sore quad. No one is willing to say anything's day-to-day with Griffey anymore, but neither Griffey or Narron believe it's anything serious. After all, Griff was still able to do that lineup card thing he does so well. Also, several days ago, Joe Mays was brought up to the big club. He's going to be a bullpen guy for now, but speculataion has it he might be looking at Claussen's job before too long. Justin Germano was optioned back to Louisville to make room for him.

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