Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bullpen Woes: Surprised?

I'm feeling a little devious. I hijacked a library computer to bring you this lovely update. Apparently I hijacked the wrong computer, though, because this one keeps closing out programs that I'd like to keep using. Apparently the library closes in half an hour, too. What nonsense. During regular school it's open until midnight. Guess this'll have to be quick.

Despite the bullpen's attempt to blow it again, the Reds managed to pull off a win in the final game of their series with the Royals, meaning they also won the series. Griffey hit a home run in the 1st, giving him a home run in 4 straight games. In spite of this, however, he is not going to the All-Star game. It's nonsense. Arroyo, who was pitching for this last game, is. That's not nonsense, just related. Lopez and Dunn got in on the home run action as well, and Dunn won the game with an RBI double in the 8th after the bullpen gave up 3 runs.

The series with the Indians did not go so well. Our boys won the first game but lost the last 2. Combined with the first Reds-Indians series, though, the Battle of Ohio ended in a tie, with each team winning three games. Given this computer's extreme sucking skills, all I can really get info-wise for the games are the scores. Friday Cincy won 9-8, and I'm pretty sure there were more bullpen woes involved. Saturday the Reds lost 12-7. I was torturing myself in the heat and bugs at a friend's house and failed to see what happened in this game, but I'm probably better off not knowing. Based on when the score went sky-high, though, I'm going to assume that the bullpen is once again to blame. We wanted to go to the game on Sunday, but due to a large amount of indecisiveness we ended up watching from the couch while the Reds lost the last game of the series 6-3. I'm not too upset about missing out on the opportunity to sit in the billion degree heat, though.

Now we're currently in a series with the Brewers. The Brewers failed to take a series with the Royals and then were swept by the Twins. It's okay to lose to Minnesota. They're on a mission to prove that there are more than two teams in the AL Central. But even so, you'd think they'd be a little demoralized. They showed their low spirits by so far taking two games with the Reds. Monday was a fierce battle that eventually ended in the Reds losing in the bitter end 8-7. Tuesday I was apparently being un-American as I wanted to watch the Reds instead of the World Cup, but I lost and watched soccer anyway. While Italy was staging a very oddly timed victory, the Brewers were beating up on the Reds, defeating them 5-2. They play the last game of the series tonight at 8. If they don't win this my heart really might break. With the exception of the stupid bullpen they've really been playing pretty well. Not spectacular, but they've put up enough runs to win, the starting pitching has mostly made their runs stand up, and they've been scoring late. Damnable bullpen wastes it all, though.

And now, as I am about ten minutes away from being kicked out of here, I take my leave. Go Reds!


Craig said...

Our bullpen is a atrocious. We can't win the division with the arms we have in this pen. I hate to say it!!!

PS...can I link your blog to mine? This is a great Reds blog!

Jacci and/or Christina said...

Yeah, have at. Sorry I didn't see your question earlier.

Wayne's trying to fix the bullpen, he's just paying out his ass for it.