Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Reds on TV and They Win!

In lieu of going to sleep, I bring you the story of Tuesday's game, told only through my thoughts at the time. Because it's fun. For me.

Oh crap! They're on TV tonight. Finally! Oh yay! Dunn scores! Hooray for Hatteberg! They're totally gonna own Clemens. Maybe I shouldn't say that. It could jinx them. Okay, I won't say it out loud, but they're totally going to own him.

Inning two! Clayton and Freel on base. Hooray! No! Clayton, you're a bonehead! That wouldn't have happened to Lopez! <--- See the bitter?

The next four innings pass in relative obscurity.

Inning 7! Harang's the man again! Way to help yourself!

No, no, no, Narron. You've tried using Coffey as the closer before. You know it doesn't work very well. Told you! Now where's that Guardado character? Bill Bray? Okay, I'll take it. Yay Bray! Reds win 2-0.

------------------------BREAKING NEWS----------------------------

Okay, not so breaking. It's a few hours old, but anyway. Joe Mays DFA'd?!?! Can it be? Yes! Don't know who's going to start Saturday. Sounds like it could be anybody. Mays was designated for assignment to make room for Ross's return from the DL.

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