Thursday, July 13, 2006

Night of the Roundtable

It's All-Star break time! Well, it was All-Star break time, now it's Back to the Grind time and the Rockies are in town for a little visit. In honor of the All-Star game, the halfway point of the season, and because you know you love it, here's some Roundtable Goodness for your eyes to feast upon. We had our fun Monday night during the Home Run Derby (congrats to Ryan Howard on the win) and you'll notice we seem to have a fondness for Jell-O. Even if it is made of horses.

And now, without further ado, my part (part 6, question 5) of the roundtable extravaganza. Links to the other parts to follow.

Shawn: OK, Question 5 coming up....
Shawn: Who is your favorite Red? (and why?)
Red Hot Mama: I really like Phillips. He's like Pokey Reese, only cooler.
Daedalus: Griffey - liked him since he played high school baseball. Will always like him. He has such a beautiful swing.
Red Hot Mama: I'm very pleased with Kearns this year--for a change
JinAZ: I'm pretty enamored with Brandon Phillips too. Love his energy.
Shawn: I have a soft spot for Dunn. Big, goofy guy, hits the ball a mile. My kinda guy.
JinAZ: I also love Harang. Big, solid, consistent, effective...
JD: Brandon Phillips
JD: Good defense, good offense, seems to have fun with things
Jacci: Austin Kearns. I have no idea why. Probably the goofy ears
Doc Scott: My favorite Red... probably Adam Dunn. Fairly unique skill set, although I wonder what's going to happen to him as he gets older.
Shawn: I think Dunn will be finished at 30.
JinAZ: And I have a decade long man-crush on Griffey. Still do. :)
Red Hot Mama: I hope Dewayne Wise will be giving us all a reason to love him
Jacci: Phillips is really close behind Austin for me
Ashlee: Dunn... even with all of his problems. I just think he's going to get better. Favorite pitcher: Harang. He's a solid, tough, awesome machine.
Doc Scott: you mean DeWayne "Rally Time" Wise?
Doc Scott: it's Reggie Taylor in a mask, man
Shawn: Heeheehee
Red Hot Mama: I base my opinion of Wise on talking to him more than watching him play
Red Hot Mama: So na na na na na
Doc Scott: hey, I root for 'em all... even Juan Castro (with my teeth clenched)
Jacci: I like Phillips more for his post-hit celebrations than for his skill, but he's certainly got skillz
Red Hot Mama: Coffey?
Shawn: I like Denorfia too, but he's not on the roster.
JinAZ is typing one-handed now
Doc Scott: and Coffey as well, once I found out he was a former game geek
Red Hot Mama: 8-o
JinAZ: I love Coffey. Hope he can get straightened out soon.
Doc Scott: good thing I haven't eaten dinner yet
Shawn: It's a slump
Doc Scott: the "pitch tipping" explanation for Coffey makes a lot of sense
JinAZ: Maybe we can send Coffey jello....
Jacci: Yeah, I think I'll love Coffey whether he stinks for the rest of forever or not.
Shawn: He likes Jell-O?
Jacci: Everyone likes Jell-O
Jacci: Well, except my cousin
Doc Scott: of course, they said that about Danny Graves, and two new pitching coaches couldn't fix that slide
Red Hot Mama: There's always room for Jell-o
Red Hot Mama: He might switch to the sugar-free variety
Daedalus: Jello is made from horses
JinAZ: Coffey's only been struggling for a month or so, and could just be tired. He's close to 50 innings, no?
Red Hot Mama: Mmmm...horsey
Shawn: Graves never was that good. His command slipped a bit, and he was toast
Jacci: Which is what makes it delicious?
Doc Scott: and what good have horses ever been compared to that fruity goodness?
Jacci: Horses are awfully pretty. I'm rather biased on the subject, though
Daedalus: i like lime.

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JinAZ said...

Coffey loves Jello too. :)

Jacci and/or Christina said...

My, my. Indeed he does.