Friday, July 14, 2006

Rambling and Game Wrap Sandwich

Someone had the audacity today to tell me that discussing the whereabouts of Austin Kearns is not viable as "a little somin' somin'." If that someone weren't in Italy I'd totally smack him in the face. As he is a friend of mine, I am allowed to smack him in the face for saying such heinous things. Though he'd probably smack me back, and I'm not a big fan of pain.

I'm trying very hard not to be all cynical and sarcastic about the guys coming in from D.C. (not to mention a few other things). After all, it's not like they're the ones that took Kearns away. However, it is awfully hard for me to not be at least sarcastic about anything, and I'm still mad that my Kearnsy is gone, so I'm entitling myself to some cynicism. I'm just hoping Krivsky's magic touch is still working and what looks like a long-dormant volcano about to blow its top might actually turn out to be a lot of steam and a little fizzle followed by much rejoicing (and I'll have to admit here that Daedalus got me thinking about Monty Python and rejoicing peasants).

Anyway, two games with the Rockies have passed and the Reds have two more marks in the win column. Neither game was on the glorious idiot box, but I wouldn't have been able to watch them even if they were.

Jason Standridge once again attempted to sabotage the team's designs on winning. Eric Milton pitched 6 innings and gave up just 3 runs on 5 hits and a walk during Thursday night's game with the Rockies. Weathers, in a surprising twist, allowed no runs in the 7th. Coffey also allowed no runs in the 8th. The offense held up their end of the bargain, putting up 9 runs throughout those 8 innings. Adam Dunn, playing his patootie off last night, had 2 RBI and a stolen base. LaRue and Encarnacion also had good nights, both going 2-3. And who'd have thought the 3-run home run would have come off Juan Castro's bat? Griffey also hit a homer, a solo shot in the 7th. Castro's was also in the 7th (an inning in which the Reds put up 5 runs).

Standridge's 13th inning catastrophe a few games back apparently wasn't the only trick he's got. No, he can also give up 4 runs in the 9th while only managing to get one out. Why he was in there in the first place I cannot figure out. Didn't we just get Everyday Eddie to close for us? Apparently Narron remembered this after the 4 runs, and Guardado finished out the last 2/3 of the 9th, getting the save as the Reds won 9-7.

Standridge, it seems, has not quite worn out his welcome in Cincinnati. In order to make room for our new pitchers, Estaban Yan was DFA'd today and I guess Matt Belisle went back on the DL. Poor guy. Here's a link for those stories plus a few more moves that were made, including the aquisition of yet another Nationals player, as well as updates on Freel and Ross.

After this there came another game. Our hero, Aaron Harang, going for win number 10, finally crossed the milestone off his list. The offense wasn't as active as Thursday, but their three runs (started off by a home run from Adam Dunn) were enough to get the job done. Harang held the Rockies hitless until the 5th, and scoreless through his 7 innings, during which he gave up only 3 hits. Newbie Majewski gave up the Rockies' single run during his 2/3 in the 8th. Mercker got the last out of that inning without much fanfare. Guardado took care of the 9th in sublime fashion. I feel compelled to share with you that Royce Clayton, our upgrade on Lopez's not so stellar defense, committed one of the two Reds' errors in the game. The other belongs to Aurilia. The errors just get tacked onto the Reds already formidable list, and are rather inconsequential now, as they won 3-1.

Two more games to come in the series. Tomorrow evening Bronson Arroyo, All-Star party boy, takes the mound to look for his 10th win. Aaron Cook is up for the Rockies. This game, shockingly, also un-televised.


craig said...

I love these moves we are making...this team won't stand pat for long. If you suck out of the pen, you are gone. If you can't field the ball...bye bye.

PS: I linked you guys on my blog!


Jacci and/or Christina said...

Can't say I love these particular moves. That's mostly my love for Kearns and Lopez talking, though. I love that moves are being made.

It appears, though, in the case of Standridge and Weathers, you can sometimes continue to suck out of the pen.

I still can't get your blog to open from the link in the comments. Thanks for linking, though!

Aaron said...