Monday, July 10, 2006

What happened to that whole "The Braves suck this year" idea? I'm sure I heard that more than a few times lately. Then they had to go and be all not sucky. Granted, our sparkly bullpen sure didn't help. On Thursday, after the offense made up a 5 run deficit in the 9th, Todd Coffey gave up a perfectly timed RBI hit of some kind to give the Reds loss number 1 of the 4 game series. I am really sick of having issues loading pages that would be important to writing this. Like a box score would really be useful. In any case, things were bleak, then they looked radiant, and the bullpen threw them back into darkness. I have a hard time being mad at Todd Coffey, though. He was the only bright spot in the bullpen for so long I think I can forgive him for just about anything. Especially since he obviously isn't all that comfortable as closer.

Friday was a thing of beauty. After a run in the 1st, the Reds offense remembered that they own the world in the run scoring department and put up 8 more runs in the 2nd. Milton managed to hold the Braves scoreless until the 4th, where they put up 2 thanks to a home run off the Jones of Slightly Lesser Evil (that being Chipper). Milton decided to see if he could make the game a bit closer and gave up 2 more runs in the 6th, making the score 9-4 for the Reds. Milton hung around in the 7th just long enough to allow two more runners on base. I'm sure you'll be surprised to learn that his replacement, David Weathers, gave Chipper Jones a single that allowed one of his inherited runners to score. Freel responded by stealing 3rd in the next inning and dashing home on an errant throw to 3rd. Thus would be the final score, 10-5. And if you hadn't noticed, I gots me a box score and even a working Gameday on that one. Newly aquired Eddie Guardado (formerly of the Marlins and a closer of notable repute) came in to save the day, and did so properly with no hits or runs or anything. Now maybe Coffey can return to his former greatness as setup man.

Saturday was a sad day for Harang. Though he struck out 8, the Reds had no offense behind him, as they lost 4-1. I didn't see the game, but it appears as if it's not really the fault of the offense. Apparently the pitchers battled it out all evening and poor Harang had a not so happy 7th. Scott Hatteberg scored the lone Reds run on a sacrifice fly from Griffey. Aaron did pitch his 4th complete game of the season, throwing the ball a whopping 135 times. If nothing else, he sure is a stayer.

Sunday was a sad, sad day for Bronson Arroyo and the rest of the Reds really. Arroyo lasted all of 4 1/3 innings, though he did get his pitch count up to 105, so I suppose he might feel like he pitched 6 or 7 innings. Sadly, though, he did not. Freel also left the game with a sore right shoulder. The only bright spot for the Reds was a three-run homer off Dunn in the 6th, putting the score at 6-3 with the Braves on top. Cincinnati got two more on base after the home run, but pinch hitting Griffey struck out to end the threat, the inning, and all the hope the Reds had of making it out of the game with a win. The final score was 8-3.

Freel's shoulder soreness is just that as far as I know. He was supposed to have an MRI sometime today. Hopefully it's not too serious. Also taking a few days off for injury was David Ross, who was pulled from Friday's game in the 2nd due to a lower abdominal strain. Due to Ross's injury, Arroyo was robbed of his personal catcher for Sunday's game. LaRue played in Ross's stead.

I hope the All-Star break is all the Reds need to get things in gear again. July has so far been atrocious, with the Reds only winning 1 game so far this month. A few days off to regroup and what have you better be enough to turn this month around. Good luck to Bronson in Pittsburgh and GO REDS!


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