Sunday, September 11, 2005

Crazy Headline People

Oh my gorshness. While the main headline on the Reds website is ultra lame, the one about Harang didn't make use of any of the usual puns with his name. They aren't trying to "Harang" anyone out to dry. Nor are they trying to "Harang" on to anything. It leaves me feeling almost blissful. I might be blissful if I could get rid of my plague, but such is life.

Two wins in a row for the boys. Considering the recent return to true Reds form, it's quite the streak. We're big fans of the five-run inning of late, as well.

Here's to Haranging a loss on the Cubs tomorrow!

I was going add my own update, but taking advantage of Jacci's efforts and just adding on to hers is so much easier. So pretty much read what she said, and repeat. Rinsing optional. Especially about that headline. "Let there be five"? Would have hoped for something slightly less lame from a fellow OU alumni. Because I myself am full of witty humor. The fact that they scored 5 runs in an innning though I'll take. Todays game aside I read something in the Dayton Daily today though that reinforces my argument for Dunn to go on the program. Apparently he was sitting on the clubhouse coach and leaned back and the couch and all 270lbs of Dunn fell onto the reporters leg. I suppose if I wasn't really lazy I could go downstairs and reread it for exact details, including the name of the poor reporter, but if I recall the paper has already made it to the recycling bin, which I would then have to shuffle through. And that folks, is just too much effort.

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