Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Never Ending Baseball

I don't think this game is ever going to end. Next Tuesday they'll still be playing, in the 300th inning, still tied at 3. Assuming the team doesn't die of starvation by that point. Denorfia (finally get to see him) tried to kill himself already, smashing himself into the right field wall. Perhaps he's a follower of the Ryan Freel School of Baseball. At least it worked. He survived and caught the ball.

So many pitching changes, we just might see Hudson this week after all. Tonight we were treated to a lovely bit of trivia. In case you ever need to know, Jason Standridge's nickname is apparently The Stallion.

Well, the extra innings are going much like the rest of the game, which is nowhere, so I'm just gonna leave you here.

FSN Ohio tip of the day: You can tell what way the wind is blowing at Wrigley Field by looking at the flags.

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