Saturday, September 03, 2005

When they remember how to play I'll write about something else

Dunn cut his hair! Now, this may have happened days ago, but since I've been out of town and then getting home from work just in time to go to bed and do it all over again, I haven't been able to watch many games so it's new to me. I can't decide if I like the new haircut or not, because I think it may accentuate the fact that he's put on a few pounds. He needs to talk to his friend Kearnsy about the success of the program. What I find funny about the haircut is that the announcers said something about being sure that "Skip and Pat in Houston are happy with the new look". So this has convinced me that his mommy made him do it. He came home for a few days and his mother made him go cut his shaggy hair. 25 years old and a millionaire and still does what his mom tells him to do. Since I've watched 1/2 a game in a week, and refuse to acknowledge the baseball that the Reds have been playing the last 5 games, that's pretty much it.


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Jacci and/or Christina said...

Whoa! Spammer comments all over the place! Not sure if we should feel special or not.

Shawn said...

Spam, again! Spam, again!

Keep writing girls!

Shawn Weaver
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