Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Well I'm an idiot. Had a lovely entry all worked out here and killed it. I'll do my best to recreate it, but it's not going to be nearly as awesome as the original.

Tonight's Tale of Terrible Shame:
I would like to start out by saying there are no appropriate synonyms for shame that start with the letter "t". Anywho, I finally got to watch the game tonight and I fell asleep on the couch for one inning. Of course, that one inning just HAD to be the fifth. The only inning where anything of importance to the actual game happened.

However, I did get to witness some amusing but extraneous events. Events like Casey laughing his ass off at Chad Qualls's Dance of Evasion. Or LaRue's gruesome attempt on the life of the helpless dugout floor (boy was he angry!). Or how about Casey, ever the accommodating gentleman, being kind enough to hit a grounder to the right just after the FSN announcers had stated that the Astros were doing a good job of getting Casey to hit grounders to the right.

Other Notes of Presumed Interest...
I have decided that Morgan Ensberg both stands and looks funny. He probably smells funny, too. Ensberg is my new Enemy of the Week.

ETA: Oh yes, as for the actual game, the Reds lost 5 to 2. I had forgotten there was a score since 6 of the 7 runs occurred whilst I was asleep.

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