Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Oh wow. So I watched about 30 seconds of the game tonight. I watched a recap of the Braves half of the game (couldn't hear what they were saying because someone was talking loudly) and I wondered why they weren't showing the Reds. Then the score pops up. 12 to 1, Atlanta. No wonder they didn't show the Reds. I'm not sure if they made it back from California yet. There are two more innings of this to suffer. I saw the score and immediately turned the TV off. No need to watch this.

I guess they needed a reality check. 5 in a row was just too much. The cosmos couldn't handle it. Or maybe there were too many cosmos in hand last night. Though I can't see those guys drinking cosmopolitans.

Oh well, GO REDS!!!

ETA: The Reds got one more run! And at least they stopped the Braves at 12. It was only a ten point loss.

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