Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lets Go Reds!

Well that was a close one. But the Reds did what the Reds do best and came from behind. They win tomorrow night and they end the home stint 50/50. Wish I'd been able to watch, but even if I was home it wasn't on TV. Though a slumber party the 8-year-old was attending brought the neighbors kid count down to four, and with the 6-week-old doing what a 6-week-old does best and sleeping tonight actually went quite well. Or at least not bad anyway. Tonight going good would have meant me being at the Reds game. Oohhh...looks like I could have gotten an American Girl Doll sized Reds uniform too. Or I could have if I was under 14. Tomorrow I could get limited edition baseball cards! Hot Damn! I need to start going to more Reds games. Need to find out when the next figurine or bobblehead night is. Tiny Casey needs a tiny friend to share in his misadventures. Like sitting on Jacci's desk. And sitting on Jacci's counter. Maybe he'll have more fun when he gets to go to college when Jacci goes back to OU in the fall. We should get him a Tiny Dunn. I definately see Dunn as the troublemaker. I wonder if they sell miniature massage chairs...

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