Saturday, August 06, 2005

Can we go back on the road now?

One in four? Aren't the Reds supposed to be better at home? I didn't get a chance to see last nights loss though, so I can't give my gripping commentary. I don't think Jacci got to see it either because she was working. I must apologize to our readers. And by that I mean all four or five of you.
I hope tonight goes better, but I'm not so sure about the pitching matchup. Unfortantely I won't get to watch this game either, our neighbors are going to a wedding tonight and when they were unable to find a babysitter for their 5 kids under 9 I apparently lost my mind and volunteered to watch them. Hey kids, who wants to watch a Reds game!


Red Hot Mama said...

Say, what's up with Tiny Casey these days? I'd love to see some photo-journalism on the many adventures he must have every day: going to the grocery store, waiting for the mail, hitting on Barbie, that sort of stuff. I bet it is a fascinating life.

Jacci and/or Christina said...

Yeah, Tiny Casey's life has been a bit mundane up to now. When he gets to go back to college with Jacci this fall though he'll be living it up in the offseason.