Wednesday, August 03, 2005

At least they're winning

I got to watch last nights loss, which was accurately deemed "abysmal" by the Red's website. Tonight they seem to be turning the tables and beating up on the Braves, but of course tonights game is not on TV. I suppose I can just picture one of Dunn's other 31 homeruns in my mind though to get an idea of how tonight is going, considering more than 1/2 of the RBI are from him. Encarnacion had an RBI as well, however I still am horrified by his three errors last night, and have started a Bring Back Randa Until Encarnacion is Really Ready Campaign. I'm not saying it's gonna work, but at least I've taken a stand. Bunch of liers down at the Reds office. Though I don't want to relive the saddness of losing Randa all over again, so how about we just bring him back for good? The Padres can have Encarnacion and we'll even throw in Aurillia for his bargain basement contract of $500,000. Any takers? Damn.

On another note, according to Jacci mine is the only computer with a different profile layout than what we had originally, so there isn't in fact a need for tech support at the present time. However the fact that my computer has taken the liberty of changing webpage layouts all by itself worries me a little. Right now it's just my home computer, but I'm counting the days until I manage to bring down the entire intranet at work. They gave me not one but two computers. They are so stupid.

***Update***Well I suppose that winning 8 to 5 isn't exactly turning the tables completely on a 12 to 2 loss, but when I wrote the post we were winning 8 to 3, and I was still holding out for double digits. But hey, a win is a win***

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