Saturday, August 13, 2005

Free time? What is that?

There is a game tonight. And it's on TV. And I'm not at work, nor do I have to get up at the crack of dawn for work tomorrow. Why do I have the impending feeling of doom that they're going to lose this game? In all honesty though the signs are pointing towards me falling asleep on the couch, so they should win. Looks like they finally learned to play at Milwalkees stadium. Or looks like they just learned to play on the road in general. I'm finding it quite enjoyable to like a team that wins. And I also find that certain statistics don't seem entirely unreasonable. That is definately my kind of math.
On another note, someone seems to have dropped the ball at the Reds website. Jason Standridge's biography simply says "Single...Was Auburn Universityb" With the b at the end and everything. And if he's single how about a little more information, like an address and phone number. Just a suggestion.


Anonymous said...


Red Hot Mama said...

I have more trouble with your comment page. Big ol' dose of humility for the Mama, I reckon.

What I meant to ask was, did you guys notice that Dunn now appears to be purposely growing a beard? I think it might actually be a good move for him (accentuates his eyes), but only if he cuts the hair. Having both is a little much.

Jacci and/or Christina said...

Oh, I noticed. Almost immediately ran to my computer to update about it. Particularly since it looks like Kearns may be following suit. It is too much with the long hair and the beard, looks like he just got back from a long hiatus at hunting camp or something. I think maybe Dunn got jealous of some of the new styles Kearns and Wily Mo have been sporting this season and figured he'd jump on the "we can only pull of this look because we're rich and famous" bandwagon. There sure are some trendsetters on this team.

trina said...

Hi, Jason is a friend of ours and he is in fact married to a girl named Joy. Sorry to take the wind outta your sail.