Thursday, August 04, 2005


Well, I predicted that the Reds would beat up the Braves tonight. I was wrong. It wasn't excruciating, though. 7 to 4 isn't 12 to 2. And Casey hit two homeruns!

The announcers on FSN started work brilliantly this evening. One of the first words I remember hearing was "velocitized." Upon hearing this, I thought I'd make up a list of all the words they made up throughout the game. Turns out, velocitized was the only one. Only one I caught, anyway. But, I did catch a few other interesting things.

-The announcers called Kearns "Kearnsy"
-Ken Griffey Jr. has never hit a homerun on August 4th, 5th, or 6th.
-When Casey hit his second homerun someone said the following: "Don't know what Casey's eating nowadays, but he should stick with that diet."
-Aflack trivia question was a stab at Freel (Who was the first person ever to steal home in a National League championship game?). Don't remember the answer.
-The bottom of the 8th was quite magical. Casey's second homerun, Kearns hit a single, Valentin hit a double. Then someone went and ruined it all. I don't remember who. Anyway, Kearnsy and Javier were left, stranded
-Weathers nearly lost his head and afterwards there was the following conversation: Announcer 1 "If you're already down, stay down. If you're up, duck." Announcer 2 "Thanks."
-9th inning sucked a lot. More runs for the Braves and nothing for the Reds

I don't think Pigpen got dirty tonight

Casey hit two homeruns! That gives him 7 on the season! Go Casey!

Edit: Seems Christina and I were writing at the same time and neither of us knew it. Also, there was a commercial for news from the Kentucky Motor Speedway on FSNOhio.

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