Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jacci totally stole my title

I was going to use the title Jax used. Stupid work cutting into my free time and preventing me from posting before her.
As per usual I watched three evenings in a row of the Reds losing only to not be able to watch them win this afternoon. Would have at least seen game day, but again that work thing got in the way. Plus I think I'm one incident away from them taking away my computer use. Though to be fair I'm not the one that started the virus at work. It just happened that when I was on someone elses computer the virus completely killed it. Both of my computers are actually just fine right now, so I think I should get credit for that. But back to the Reds. As I said, they won this afternoon. And I did not see it. Therefore I have nothing to recap. Well, nothing except for exactly what the Reds website told me. Apparenlty Lopez snapped out of some of his crappy hitting and hit a two run homer, and Ortiz actually pitched a decent game. Tomorrow begins the three game set with Arizona, which is entirely untelevised. Who makes these decisions? I swear if it's another "behind the glory Mike Ditka" special that bumped the Reds game I am going to show up on the door of the FSNOhio studios. Because that would be really effective I'm sure.

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