Sunday, August 07, 2005

Because we know you missed it

Once again for your reading pleasure we present Jacci and Christina realtime commentary from when we were watching gameday and talking online. It's really long, so I hope you're really bored.

Christina: we could be watching the reds lose on gameday
Jacci: Of course
Christina: oohh... apparently not just the reds
Christina: "Austin Kearns and the Reds are hosting the Marlins in the series finale today."
Christina: according to the website

Jacci: Austin is, eh?
Christina: yes
Christina: I wonder if he is a good host
Christina: nice southern hospitality I'll bet
Jacci: I'm sure he is
Jacci: I wonder why he gets the headline.
Christina: because he kicked some ass last night
Jacci: OH, did he. I saw that he got a double, but that's all. Hadn't read anything about it or anything.
Christina: or at least compared to the stellar performances by everyone else
Christina: the Dayton Daily said something like "it may not have been pretty, but it was a win"
Christina: oh crap
Christina: I just noticed we have three errors already and it's only the bottom of the third
Jacci: A win is a win
Jacci: Wow. Go us. I bet their all Encarnacion
Christina: no actually none of them are
Christina: CASEY! Casey Made an error!
Christina: that happens, what, once a season?
Christina: or maybe twice
Jacci: I think this might be twice
Christina: I'll bet it brings his feilding percentage from .999 down to like .998
Jacci: Yeah
Christina: there goes the golden glove
Christina: Lets go Pigpen!
Jacci: Too bad. he woudl look snazzy with a golden glove.
Christina: yes
Christina: we would have to fashion one for Tiny casey as well
Jacci: Indeed
Jacci: I know why he made that error! It was while he was lounging on my deck
Christina: lazy lazy
Jacci: Or maybe it was while he was running away from Ellie.
Christina: dammit Encarnacion got out trying to go to third
Jacci: He just wanted to get to his position. He's more comfortable there. Must have forgot he was playing offense at the moment.
Christina: damn, inning three is over
Jacci: 6 more to go!
Jacci: Hudson's first name is apparently Wild now.
Christina: really
Jacci: One of their stories says Wild Hudson helps Reds to victory or something like that.
Christina: that's because he let runners score on two wild pitches
Christina: he didn't really help at all

Jacci: He hit a double
Jacci: At some point
Christina: he hit a double, but in the paper today he said he was scared up there and closed his eyes on the pitch and it's lucky he hit it at all
Christina: he should keep that to himself
Christina: doesn't exactly instill confidence
Jacci: No, that was a pretty stupid thing to admit. Though amazingly honest
Jacci: I'll give him credit for that
Christina: apparently the other two errors are Ortiz's fault
Jacci: I was about to remark on the fact that it is the 4th inning and Ortiz is still in.
Jacci: And he only gave up one run in the first inning. That's unusual.
Jacci: But I guess the two errors make up for that
Christina: and it wasn't a homerun on the first pitch
Jacci: Excellent
Christina: if we could get some run support going maybe we could take this series
Jacci: Yeah, aside from errors Ortiz is doing really well at the moment
Christina: and by we I am of course indicating that I play a vital part
Jacci: But of course
Jacci: I always say "we" when referring to sports teams. Everyone always calls me out on it, too
Christina: well I think it shows team loyalty
Jacci: Me too
Christina: we feel ownership
Christina: and unfortunately pain when it comes to the teams we pick
Jacci: Screw feeling ownership. I bought the Reds yesterday. You get half as a Congratulations on the job gift.
Christina: awesome
Jacci: Of course, I will do nothing with my ownership
Christina: I will
Christina: I'm hiring a team barber
Jacci: Oh! Excellent idea
Jacci: I want to see another home run from Casey
Christina: oh, and they have to wear their all red uniforms more often
Jacci: Like every home game
Christina: yes
Jacci: But they're not allowed to get them dirty
Jacci: Not even Freel
Christina: awww...but freel looks so cute when he's all covered in dirt
Jacci: True
Christina: and Dunn needs new shoes
Christina: I'm not liking the ones he has
Jacci: And he needs to pull his pants out from under his shoes
Jacci: He's always stepping on them
Christina: even the FSNOhio announcer said he needs to pull his pants up
Jacci: At least they got something right
Christina: but of course if we own the Reds we're the new announcers

Jacci: But of course.
Christina: we can keep those other guys on the payroll though, for when we need actual baseball stuff to talk about
Jacci: Flying out is not a homerun, Casey
Christina: no, it's not
Jacci: Yeah. They can help us with the Aflack question
Christina: no, the duck it going down
Jacci: Hehe. No more trivia?
Christina: instead of Aflack trivia, there is going to be a shoot the duck segment
Jacci: Haha! Excellent
Christina: Dunn, being the avid hunter, can provide the commentary
Jacci: OH yes
Jacci: Damn it Kearnsy!
Christina: this inning is going fast
Jacci: Too fast.
Jacci: At least Casey managed to stay up there for 8 pitches
Christina: lets go wily mo!
Christina: and wily mo's name will be pronounced with the long I as it is spelled
Jacci: Yes. He's definitely going to have to change that
Christina: and anyone who says "lets get 'er dunn" shall be thrown out of my ballpark
Jacci: Agreed
Christina: and no chicken dance
Jacci: Hehe. I've always liked the chicken dance. Not doing it so much, but I think it's funny to watch other people do it.
Christina: i despise that stupid dance
Jacci: I could do without the song
Christina: I'll pull out my duck shooting rifle for those who choose to participate
Jacci: Dang it. Now I've got the song stuck in my head
Jacci: And damn it Aurilia
Christina: yes, way to screw up wily mo's rally attempt
Jacci: Casey needs to hit another homerun
Jacci: Or Dunn or Kearns
Christina: or anyone
Jacci: I want to see one off of Freel, actually
Christina: correction: any Red
Jacci: Little Mr. Speedy hits a big long ball
Christina: yeah, Freel hasn't been doing much of anything lately
Christina: except stealing bases

Jacci: I think that's all he does.
Christina: like trying to steal home
Christina: who the hell trys to steal home?

Jacci: The desperate
Christina: yeah
Jacci: Or people who really want to try to make the other team look bad
Jacci: I want to see someone steal first
Jacci: I'm pretty sure it's illegal, but I want to see it
Christina: well, when it doesn't work you suceed in looking like an ass
Jacci: Yes indeed
Christina: well, people take first on wild pitches
Jacci: Yeah, but that's not really stealing it.
Jacci: That's "HAHA You're and idiot"
Christina: except Dunn. There was a wild pitch a few games ago and he didn't even try to go
Christina: the announcers were like "what the hell?" and replayed his lack of attempt about a hundred times

Jacci: He must not have felt like playing baseball
Jacci: He just wanted to play beating stick
Christina: Willis just grounded into a double play
Christina: Way to teach it to the other team Casey!
Christina: Juan Pierre looks frightened in his picture

Jacci: Yes he does
Christina: I think he just hit a single to spite me
Christina: or because Ortiz can't pitch
Christina: either one
Jacci: He's still scared
Jacci: Ortiz better learn to pitch here pretty soon
Christina: or Narron better learn to not play him
Jacci: Luis Castillo looks like it's about time for him to retire
Christina: he's kind of mean looking
Jacci: I didn't get mean, just old.
Jacci: What??? How did Pierre make it to third?
Jacci: Oh, Ortiz again
Jacci: BIG mistake by Ortiz
Christina: Error number three on the game for Ortiz!
Jacci: That one had to be embarrassing
Christina: it's going to be more embarrasing if they score off of it
Jacci: True
Jacci: At least that part's over
Christina: good, got himself out of that mess
Jacci: Maybe Ortiz won't be back
Christina: probably will be
Christina: for Ortiz he's actually pitching well

Jacci: He still seems to be pitching well when he's throwing to home
Jacci: Pickoffs are a no no right now
Christina: hell, for a Reds pitcher he's pitching well
Jacci: Very true
Christina: well, Harang just had an off night though, so he's still good
Christina: and Standridge
Christina: well, standridge is just to cute for me to care what he does
Christina: oohh...scruffy LaRue
Christina: he needs a homerun too
Christina: Lets go LaRue!

Jacci: Yes he does. It's been a while.
Christina: well, he's been having to split play time
Christina: single!
Christina: good enough

Jacci: Indeed
Jacci: It's not an out
Christina: nope
Christina: okay, Encarnacion, prove you can take Randa's place
Christina: and try opening your eyes

Jacci: Yeah, no kidding. I have seen nothing brilliant so far.
Jacci: Well, once I did, but other than that, nothing.
Christina: Strike one
Christina: foul, aka strike two
Christina: foul
Christina: hit it forward!

Jacci: Really hardQ!
Jacci: With a q
Christina: yes
Jacci: Pop out! Yes!
Christina: dammit
Christina: crap, ortiz is up
Christina: come on ortiz! help yourself out here!

Jacci: They should intentionally walk him
Christina: yes
Christina: quite scary

Jacci: They're a quarter of the way there
Christina: that they are
Jacci: Half way
Christina: 2-1
Jacci: With a strike to mar it up
Christina: 3-1
Jacci: WALK HIM!!!!!!!!
Christina: full count 3-2
Jacci: Damn it
Christina: strikeout
Christina: damn

Jacci: I don't think he swung the bat once
Christina: nope
Christina: I don't think he could have with 3 balls and 3 called strikes
Jacci: Nope
Christina: come on Freel! Do something good!
Jacci: I didn't look at what kind of strikes
Jacci: Crazy pitch
Christina: LaRue is just standing there! Bat him in!
Jacci: LaRue needs your help!
Christina: or not
Christina: well, he's not standing at first anymore

Jacci: Damnation
Jacci: Nope
Jacci: Alrighty. I gotta go for a bit. Maybe the Reds will do something awesome while I am gone
Christina: maybe

*Update* The Reds did nothing awesome while Jacci was gone. Not even when they put Dunn in to pinch hit at the end. Damn

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