Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Quality programming

Ah FSNOhio. Tonight was an excellent evening of programming I must say. First we get deep-thinking baseball wisdom like "you play more efficiently if you throw the ball where you want it to go" (note that I'm not sure that is the exact wording they used as I'm writing this an hour or so after I heard it, but it was close to that, and I assure you, just as stupid). Then I leave the room for a short while, when the score is 4 to 2 Reds. When I come back the score I see before me is 6 to 2 Nationals. Ummm...I know the Reds have come up with quite creative ways to lose this season, but actually getting negative runs? They left this score up for at least the full 9th inning, if it hadn't already been up before that. I actually went and checked the computer to make sure that the Nationals did not in fact have 6 runs.
As far as sports networks go though I think the Reds should have a network of their very own, just as the Yankees have the YES network. I don't see why they don't already. Sure the Yankees have a bigger payroll and have a world series or two, but the Reds have won the world series. (I didn't say these Reds, just the Reds). Besides, we could fill the off season with programing such as "Adam and Austin go fishing" or hours upon hours of playstation tournaments. New fans can see unforgettable Reds moments like the bench clearing brawl with the Phillies in which Adam Dunn charged the pitcher like a bull. If we can't get network funding we can be like PBS and ask for sponsorship, with lucky fans who donate receiving one of a kind gifts such as these. My only question is why someone hasn't gotten the ball rolling on this concept already.
Luckily the Reds seemed to have a better night than the network that was airing their game. Hudson pitched well, hopefully his ERA will drop below 7 soon. Encarnacion had another good night, I think I'll lay off the bring back Randa campaign for a while. Since I'm going out of town until Sunday this was the last Reds game I'll see until Tuesday so in all it was a nice game to see to hold me over until then.
Oh, and donations for the All Reds, All the Time network (as well as suggestions for a more creative title) are now being taken at 1-800-hrt-reds. The first 1000 lucky callers will recieve a commemorative photo of Tiny Casey and his little pal Rex. Don't Delay.


Joel said...

And don't forget Chris Welsh's excellent analysis: "Austin Kearns must have had a double dose of stick 'em before that swing."

My wife just looked at me and said, "I don't know what that means, but it sounds dirty."


I love the All Reds channel idea. Do you think they would have a show like ESPN's new Hollywood show where we could see what the players do on a night out on the town? "Hey, there's Matt Belisle stopping off at the drive thru for a Grilled Stuf't Burrito! ... Look at the elegance of Randy Whisler at the laundrymat as he pulls his whites out of the washing machine to put them in the dryer."

Jacci and/or Christina said...

I know, the reds channel has endless possiblities.