Thursday, September 29, 2005

Whomp Whomp Whomp

Yay! The Reds did some royal butt kicking in Milwaukee last night. Nice to see a good pounding even if it doesn't extend the season. Just too bad it wasn't on TV. Those kinds of games are much more fun to see. Mary Bethune prevented me from catching the game in any format last night, but from what I have read, last night's game was an awesome ball-whacking fest, with the Reds coming out vastly superior to the Brewers.

Apparently Wily Mo got himself a rather significant boo-boo by diving head-first into the wall. Though one would expect that boo-boo to be in his head, it seems it's in his back. Who'da thunk it?

As for good things about the night, the Reds won overwhelmingly, 11-4. Harang finally got some run support. Dunn is now 1 homerun away from making it an even 40 on the year. Aurilia and Pigpen each threw in a couple of RBI's, and I'm sure other people played, too.

I like this quote from the Reds website: "Finally, in the seventh, they made it a good old-fashioned thumping..."

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