Wednesday, March 08, 2006


In honor of Casey's getting beaned in the head and in order to avoid mentioning the eventual outcome of the game, here's a picture of Tiny Casey the Pirate with a bandaid on his head. Sean's face must be some kind of blunt object magnet. Luckily he wasn't hurt too badly today.

I guess it's kind of hard to tell that the bandaid is a bandaid. It's one of those clear ones.

While the Pirates may have ultimately gotten their revenge in the form of a five-to-nothing defeat of one half of the Reds, the other half did manage to take down the Twins again.

You might be thinking that it's rather odd to have the majority of this dedicated to a man who plays for Pittsburgh, but I still like him and it gave me a reason to play with Tiny Casey again. And to show off my fabulous MS Paint Skillz. With a z.

I almost forgot! Go check out Red Hot Mama's tribute to Ryan Freel's birthday! Not that you need us to tell you about it. Odds are you came here from her site to begin with.

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