Monday, March 13, 2006

Playground Baseball

Well, well, well. With much I'm Still In School and thus am Suffering Finals Week action, followed by a Helping My Parents Move cold front all combined with a stagnant Long Work Hours system, the forecast for the coming weeks is lots of silence from us.

For the present, though, here's a little bit on what's happened since the last time we spoke. Hold on, I've gotta go find out when the last time we spoke was.

Ah yes, making the Yankees cry again. While they may not have been real Yankees, their shirts still said Yankees and the Reds still made them cry. The score was 5 to 4 in favor of Cincinnati. So, all together, a good day for our boys. After that the Reds invited the Blue Jays over to play, stole all their toys, dumped sand down their shirts and sent them home with a 7 to 6 loss. Then the Phillies were all, "Whoa guys, quit that," and beat up on the Reds a little bit (with a score of 4 to1). But don't worry. They'll get theirs.

That was weird and kinda violent.

In the mean time, Edwin Encarnacion continues to be a beast. I'd give you some numbers but I've lost count and don't have time to look them up. Suffice it to say he's kicking booty all over the place. Grr!


Daedalus said...

Encarnation is a pleasant surprise. Still doesn't help the pitching, though. :(

Jacci and/or Christina said...

This is true. Very, unfortunately true. Who knows, though? Maybe he's a star pitcher, too. He just somehow hasn't discovered it yet.