Monday, March 27, 2006

Talkin' Kearnsy

I keep missing these chat things, but this week was a lovely chat with my favorite new-ish daddy, Austin Kearns. He sure does say "dude" a lot. I was particularly fond of this little tidbit:

halmorris4ever: Austin, what inspired you to grow your hair out? As a fellow long-hair wearer, I think it looks great.
Kearns: I just decided to let it go and see what happened one day. I noticed my hair was kind of curly. My mom liked it so I kept it. What mom says goes.
There are some other good bits, as well. I was entertained.

So, there have been several games in the last few weeks that we've neglected. By this point it seems rather silly to write anything about them in detail. You probably know all you could want to by now. If not, that's what the links off to the side are for, goof.

Anyway, the Reds record currently stands at 16-11. Check that out! 16-11. It's only spring training, but it looks pretty good anyway.

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