Thursday, March 02, 2006


Since I wasn't blown up today, I bring you this:

I'm a little irked with the media in this half of Ohio (the eastern half, to specify). It seems everyone likes to talk about the Indians so much that they find it difficult just to fit in a mention of the Reds. It's not that finding information is difficult. Afterall, you can find anything on the internet. It's just nice to see some local support, too. If I had any kind of journalistic talent I'd go get myself a job with one of the newspapers and do something about that.

On to actual Reds news. The spring training games have started. I know very little about them. I know enough about the game with the Kia Tigers to not mention any more about it. Yesterday (I believe) the Reds beat the Reds 3 to 1, and then today the Tigers (Detriot this time) beat the Reds (8 to 5), too. Kind of sad, but then they just started. I've completely lost my train of thought, but I had something more optimistic to add here.

Also, this Monday's edition of Chat With A Red will feature Adam Dunn. Register here if you haven't already. 11:30 AM this time, too.

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