Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yeah Baseball!!

I'm really starting to enjoy this winning stuff. I wasn't sure I could handle liking a team that wins more than a few games. I was never a Bengals fan, so I didn't really enjoy their past season, and the Browns sucked, as usual. The only other sport I really follow other than baseball and football is hockey, and, always loyal to my state (and partially due to a can of Pepsi) I'm a Blue Jackets fan. In case you don't know, the Blue Jackets are another typical Ohio sports team. I've never really followed a team while they were having a good season. I've been a Reds fan my whole life, but I was 7 at the time of their most recent World Series victory, and I was far more interested in My Little Ponies than baseball at the time. I vaguely recall them being swept in the play-offs (I think) by the Braves in '95 or '96. I only remember that because I did not know what " being swept" meant and I wondered why all the Braves fans were carrying around little brooms. When my parents explained it I thought it was very rude. I probably would have felt differently if the Reds fans had been the ones with brooms.

I'm trying not to have openly extra high hopes for the Reds this season, as I feel it will probably jinx them, but it's hard. This spring has been pretty neat. I mean, they shut out the Red Sox 4-0 today. That's exciting. Arroyo pitched well. I've been hearing some promising things about Milton lately. Their record for ST is 20-11. I am all kinds of pumped for next week. I'd be pumped even if the Reds had lost every game this spring, though.

Yeah baseball! Go Reds!


Red Hot Mama said...

You said:
I wasn't sure I could handle liking a team that wins more than a few games.

I know what you mean. I considered switching to the Pirates or something (seeing as they look so much like the Reds anyway), but I decided to give this winning thing a try. Maybe we'll like it! ;)

Jacci and/or Christina said...

It seems like some pretty sweet stuff so far. We're pretty new to it, but it seems that everyone coped well through the whole Big Red Machine thing. I think we'll pull through.