Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Moving Around

There were a few changes in Rosterland over the weekend. Rather than go over it all for you again, I'll just link you to a bunch of stuff from Marc.

Also, Joe Nuxhall is in the hospital with double pneumonia. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Joe.


DevilsAdvocate said...

I notice from the C. Enquirer's photos from yesterday's game (5/31) that Eric Milton has decided to go from trimmed beard to goatee. No point, just thought I'd note that.

Jacci and/or Christina said...

I noticed that, too. I can't decide if I like it better or not. Because my opinion on it totally matters. At least it's still very neatly groomed.

I still can't get over how I never noticed how dark his hair is. I don't know if he had really short hair last year and so I never saw it or if I'm really that oblivious.