Thursday, May 04, 2006

Real Reds

One of the features on tonight's Real Reds answered everyone's most burning question about the players: "Have you ever had a real job?" Some of the answers were actually kind of interesting. Weathers was, among many other things, a grave digger. Harang made deli trays and apple and pumpkin pies (I think I'd laugh if I saw that man baking pies). Griffey handed out beer tokens at a Speedway for a week before his mom made him quit, saying he needed to focus on baseball. He almost sounded upset about it, too. They didn't ask Dunn. For some reason I want to know if he had a job. I suppose I just assume that if he did he'd have some funny stories about it or it would be something really odd. Though I don't know how you can get more odd than grave digging.

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