Thursday, May 11, 2006

Welcome Back Griffey

Precognitive credit for Griffey's walk-off homer goes to me and friend Jon. Jon called it right on the nose. I said it was gonna be in the 9th, but since the game didn't end there I'm taking credit for it anyway. I enjoy his "I'm too freaking awesome for you" post-home run strut. Walk-off three-run home run in the 11th. That's fantastic. I don't care who hits it. It was rather appropriate that it was Griffey, though.

Encarnacion singled in Lopez in the 5th and by the 9th I thought the Reds were going to have another 1-0 win until Weathers had to go and blow it again and the Nationals tied it up at 1's. Before that, however, Phillips made another spectacular defensive play, pretty much throwing Zimmerman out at first while lying on his back in the outfield. I called for a walk-off homer from Griffey in the bottom of the 9th, but he wasn't even up to bat. Not much action in the 10th. I had all but given up hope by the middle of the 11th after Washington put up 3 runs, but that was not to be the end. Olmedo singled and moved to third on Freel's single. Freel was thrown out trying to stretch that single into a double. Lopez singled to score Olmedo. Then, for reasons unknown to me, they walked Encarnacion (intentionally I believe) to bring up Griffey, who saved the day with the three-run homer. I fully anticipate seeing it on ESPN many times. Reds win 5-4. Whoo!

The Reds host the Phillies this weekend. What a thoughtless name. At least the Reds had to think a bit farther past the name of their city.

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