Monday, May 01, 2006

Whose House?

Screw Run, it's Bron's house. Bronson Arroyo, that is. We got a great game from Bronson backed up by a great day from the offense. To everyone this weekend that told me the Reds wouldn't make it long in first place I say, SCREW YOU! I'm not going to get all high and mighty about this just yet. After all, we have to make it through David Williams's performance tomorrow, and frankly, the man makes me nervous every time he has a ball in hand. But all you naysayers beware.

My fear of Albert Poo-Holes was all for naught, as he was kept silent all day, going 0-3 with a meaningless walk. And, George's constant drooling over the man aside, he really didn't butt into my enjoyment of the game very much.

The Reds came out swinging today. Rich Aurilia put the Reds up 1 to 0 in the 1st with a solo home run. Juan Encarnacion answered with his own solo shot in the 2nd, which became the only run the stupid birds would put on the board. Three innings later the good guys struck again. Ryan Freel scored on Felipe Lopez's single, which made the score 2-1, Reds.

The sixth inning was pure magic. Arroyo gave up a single to John Rodriguez and walked Pujols (look! I used his real name!), but nothing came of it for the stupid birds. As for the Reds, Dunn doubled, Kearns then singled him in, Encarnacion added a single, as did Phillips (his brought Kearns home). All of this before a single out had been recorded. Stupid bird Mulder was replaced by stupid bird and former Red Josh Hancock. Hector Luna also came in to replace Scott Spiezio (who thinks his chin ornament gives him more team spirit or something). Hancock got a few of our guys out, but not without letting a few more on base, too. Felipe Lopez singled again to bring in two more runs. Rich Aurilia then grounded out to end the magic. The Reds are up 6 to 1, and that's how it stayed for the rest of the game.

Bronson Arroyo put up a fantastic complete game. I can't recall seeing a single complete game last season. We've already got two this season. In an interview after the game Arroyo said that tonight's game was the easiest he's had all year. Really like the hear that after a complete game. Though, if it were a tough game I guess you wouldn't expect to see a pitcher make it through the whole thing. Mr. Arroyo now sports a 5-0 record for the season.

Now, with much trepidation, we look forward to tomorrow's game that pits Dave Williams against the portly Sidney Ponson. Ponson pretty much owned Williams last time (though I'm not so sure it wasn't Williams owning himself that time), so here's hoping the win against the Nationals has instilled some confidence in our guy.

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