Monday, May 22, 2006

The Tigers Do Not Play Football

I don't follow the Tigers enough to know if everyone calls them the Bengals all the time, but I'm going to assume that it was just FSN trying to be funny, and quite frankly, it irritates the crap out of me. The Bengals play football. They are not from Detroit.

Anyway, the game on Friday was muchos fun to watch. The Reds won 9 to 4. En route to the victory Brandon Phillips smacked a ball to the back wall for what would officially be scored as 3 RBI and an error, but I'm calling it an inside-the-park grand slam because that's more fun. Brandon Claussen was pitching. I'm sure the vast dimensions of the park probably helped him a little, but it was a good day for him, too.

Saturday could have been fun to watch, too, but I was living it up at Dave and Buster's for my sister's bachelorette party in Columbus. If you take "living it up" to mean drinking virgin strawberry daiquiris, kicking everyone's ass at basketball and asking strangers to do weird things on the bachelorette scavenger hunt card. Milton got off to a less than uplifting start, but he's been out for a bit. Griffey made it all better with a real grand slam later, which put Cincinnati up by one. Then we come to yet another blown save. Thanks again, Weathers! The Reds lost 7-6.

At least Friday's game meant we couldn't be swept, because Sunday was another one of those games where it would have been nice to have some offense. Granted, there were hits, there were people on base, there just weren't people making it home. The same can be said for Detroit. Their only run (the only run of the game) came as a result of a throwing error on Aaron Harang. Reds lose again, 1-0.

Luckily the Brewers would come to town on Monday.

Also, Tiny Casey still needs saving, folks. Come on! There's free stuff involved! How can you not want free stuff?!

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DevilsAdvocate said...

Every once in a long while I hear Detroit's baseball team referred to as the Bengals. Just like Pittsburgh's baseball team occasionally is called the Bucs.

Or like St. Louis' old football team used to sometimes be called the Cardinals. :) The Mets and Jets - that's almost the same. Or how about the Rangers being called the Cowboys? Okay, now I'm just making things up.