Monday, May 01, 2006

First Place is Fun

I was in the land of dial-up for the weekend again, so here's the whole weekend at once again. The series started out great. Cincinnati stuck it to Roy "Kiss My Grits" Oswalt and handed him his first ever loss to the Reds in 19 career games. Gameday doesn't like the bottom of the 2nd, so I can't tell you how, but the Reds scored their first run during that time. Brandon Phillips scored the second run in the 4th after singling, stealing 2nd, moving to third on Jason LaRue's single, and scoring on Brandon Claussen's groundout. Austin Kearns sacrificed in Aurilia in the 5th. Adam Dunn and Aurilia came home on Phillips single in the 7th, which is where all the Reds scoring ended. Total = 5.

Brandon Claussen pitched 5 innings and then some with 6 hits, 2 runs, and 5 freaking walks. He gave up a run in the 4th on a Chris Burke single and then a home run to Preston Wilson in the 6th. Chris Burke then singled, Brandon Phillips failed to catch Rich Aurilia's throw from third as he took a personal moment at 2nd, and then Rick White replaced Claussen. White ended the inning without further ado. Coffey came in for the next two innings allowing just one hit and no runs. David Weathers tried his best to make it another non-decision for Oswalt in the 9th by giving up a 2-run homer to Lance Berkman to bring the Astros to within 1, but managed to quell the rally there (I forgot to mention that complaints about that home run can be directed to whichever FSN announcer it was that preceded Weathers's pitch with "He's probably thinking he can give up a home run right here and still have a 1 run lead"). Astros total = 4. Final score = Reds 5, Astros 4.

Saturday was another win for Harang and the Reds. This game and Sunday's game are going to have to be quick jobs because it turns out I'm about to be running late for class. Saturday's score was 6-3 in favor of the Reds. There were still no home runs for the good guys. Small ball gets the job done, though. LaRue's diving, bunt catching double-play was quite awesome. Hopefully that link will work for you. If not, there's a link to it under the headline here.

Sunday was an unfortunate loss. I didn't see one bit of it thanks to bridal showers and birthday parties. I hear the Lizard pitched well even though it was a loss. The only scoring done on Sunday was by the long ball. 2 home runs for the Astros and one for the Reds (from Dunn, who can hopefully get back to being a slugging machine now). The final score was 3 to 2 Astros. Still took the series with them, though. Pretty soon somebody's going to have to realize that the Reds are not playing like a basement team.

The Reds and the stupid birds are now tied for first in the NLC. Arroyo and stupid bird Mulder pitching tonight. Another fight for first place. GO REDS!

While you wait anxiously for the battle to begin, here's a fun little time waster for you. Let it be known that I cannot pitch. I can't even e-pitch. I e-hit a guy and then e-gave up a homerun. I don't think even e-Dan-O would have e-hired me.


jwberner said...

Love your commentary and your "time waster". Looks like I don't have big league stuff either!

Jacci and/or Christina said...

Thanks very much, jw!!