Thursday, May 11, 2006

Title Generating Machine is Out of Order

The Reds went through their entire line-up in the first inning against the Nationals yesterday. This I find incredibly amusing. After a few more trips to the plate for everybody the Reds came away with a nice little win. I can't say the pitching was all that great, but it sufficed. Harang left the game in the 7th with a one run lead. Unfortunately the bullpen stole his 6th win. The offense essentially gave it to Weathers, who looked to be trying to exchange it for a loss, but the Nats would have none of that. Thanks mostly to offense, the final score was 9 to 6 for the Reds.

Dunn hit his 13th homerun of the season in the 1st. Kearnsy was fantastic, going 4 for 4. Lopez stole four bases. Freel broke his o-20 non-hitting streak and stole a base. Hatteberg was quite useful a couple of times (a few RBI and a great diving bunt catch to nearly rival LaRue's a little while back). Phillips also had a few good defensive plays, especially catching Jose Guillen's line drive to end the game and save Weathers' ass. I like Weathers. I just wish he wouldn't always make the last inning or two so scary. And while we're talking about him, Weathers had his first at bat since October of 2004. He did very little with it, but he was there.

Tonight, game 3. Arroyo vs. Creepy. 7:10 on FSN. Creepy is Zach Day, by the way.

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