Thursday, April 27, 2006

Random Bored Thoughts

OH MY GOD I'M BORED! I'm watching the Indians pound on the Red Sox in hopes of seeing Wily Mo for the first time this year but I haven't yet. He's playing but he must be keeping quiet about it. I'm still mad that the Indians get their own network but FSN still can't play more Reds games. I was even more upset when I saw an Indians game on ESPN and poker on FSN yesterday when either could have been playing the Reds.

On the reading front, here's a feature on Brandon Phillips from the Reds official site. He's really enjoying himself in Cincinnati. I'd guess that's partly the cause for his awesome performace of late. I didn't really know anything about him before he came here, and I thought he must not have had much going for him if Cleveland gave up on him so early in his career. His "impossible to coach" reputation probably had something to do with that. It sounds like he's really settled in here, though. I'm liking him more and more all the time. It's going to be quite the struggle for me when Griffey comes back and Freel goes back to the infield. I don't know if I'd rather see Freel or Phillips.

Oh! I saw something on TV the other day about whether or not MLB should switch to aluminum bats. The constant pinging I hear from the fields next door have made up my mind on that issue. I love the crack of ball on wood. It's one of my favorite parts of baseball.

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